10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

How many of you know what moringa seeds are? Have you ever heard of them? Do you know what the plant looks like? The reality is that moringa seeds are not a popular topic. They are not widely known. But that should change, as there are way too many benefits of the seeds to ignore them.

Widely known as “drumstick tree,” moringa seeds are most popular in India, where they go by different names. When they are fresh, the seeds are quite tender. As they dry out, the seeds become hard and resemble small beans. They can be steamed, boiled, or roasted.

Being nutrient-dense, moringa seeds come with many benefits. Let’s take a look at their nutritional value and benefits.

Nutritional value

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

100g of moringa seeds provides the following nutrients:

  • 35g of fat
  • 30g of protein
  • 19g of carbs
  • 8g of fiber
  • Several vitamins and minerals

With that in mind, let’s take a look at its many benefits.

1. Better sleep

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds not only help you sleep better, but help you wake up with a lot of energy in the morning. All you have to do is steep moringa leaves in hot water for 15 minutes. Drink the beverage before you go to bed, and enjoy. The cup of tea will improve your sleep, and it will make you energized in the morning.

2. Control sugar levels

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

We saw that moringa seeds are high in fiber and protein. They also contain zinc, a mineral that helps your body regulate blood sugar levels.

3. Lower cholesterol

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

Another benefit of having high amounts of fiber and many minerals is that moringa seeds can lower your cholesterol levels. In addition to lowering cholesterol, they also reduce the triglyceride levels in your body.

4. Promote a healthy heart

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

Lowering cholesterol and controlling blood sugar levels usually result in a healthy heart. And that’s true with moringa seeds. They have properties that can protect our cardiovascular system, further promoting healthy blood flow. One of the conditions that they protect us from is hypertension.

One way they improve our heart health is protecting the heart tissue from constructional damage and reducing the amount of oxidized lipids in the body.

5. Reduce joint pain

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

The seeds might not contain a high amount of calcium, but they can be great for relieving and reducing joint pain. Because of their properties, they help in reducing inflammation and protecting against arthritis. Consume them daily for healthy bones.

6. Improve brain function

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, amino acids, and antioxidants. All of these support brain health, and because of that, the seeds are a constant source of nutrition, enabling the brain to work at its optimum level.

7. Promote a healthy liver

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

Nearly every organ in our body benefits from moringa seeds. The liver, for example, can heal faster and quicker from any damage when we consume the seeds on a regular basis.

8. Antioxidant properties

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

You can say that moringa seeds are a “powerhouse of antioxidants.” There are more than 30 antioxidants in a single serving, including vitamins A, C, B-complex and many other compounds that protect our body from oxidative damage.

9. Treat anemia

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

One of the many minerals moringa seeds contain is iron. This nutrient helps with our blood, especially preventing and treating conditions like anemia. Iron deficiency can cause many other problems, so it is important that you get a healthy dose of the mineral on a daily basis.

10. Promote healthy skin

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

We mentioned that moringa seeds contain high doses of antioxidants. As such, the seeds can improve the health of our skin and slow down the aging process. Oil obtained from moringa seeds is part of many cosmetic products, but you can consume the seeds to reap the benefits as well.

How to use moringa seeds

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

There are many different ways you can use moringa seeds. As we saw so far, you can boil them, roast them, or anything else in between.

One way to enjoy moringa seeds is to pop them like popcorn, add some butter, and enjoy a healthy snack. You can also cook them like peas and use them as a side dish to your meals. No matter how you consume them, stick to a few seeds per day. If you consume too many, your stomach might get upset.

The ideal dosage depends on your weight. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Up to 150 lbs, the ideal dosage is between 1,600 and 2,200mg
  • Up to 200 lbs, the ideal dosage is between 2,100 and 2,900mg
  • Up to 250 lbs, the ideal dosage is between 2,700 and 3,600mg

You can find moringa seeds at herbal stores or online purchase at Amazon. If you experience any side effects, stop consuming them.

Warnings and precautions

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

Like any other supplement on the market, there are always warnings and precautions you need to be aware of. While moringa seeds are natural, they might cause side effects.

Here are some warnings:

  • Do not consume them on an empty stomach, as they might cause vomiting.
  • Peel the seeds before consuming.
  • Pregnant and nursing women should avoid the seeds.

The water treatment

10 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

If you need any more proof that moringa seeds are quite beneficial, look at the way they purify and cleanse river water. In developing countries, the seeds are used to make clean water. A 1987 study in Sudan showed that moringa seeds can filter 90% to 99% of impurities present in the water.

You can do this at home too. Put the impure water in a big tub or a bucket. Grind moringa seeds into a fine powder and add two spoonfuls to a bottle containing clean water. Shake it for few minutes, and then filter the water through a cloth into the bucket with impure water. Stir the water for two minutes, and then slowly for the next 15 minutes. Let it sit for 1 hour.

You’ll notice the impurities at the bottom of the bucket after few hours. Using a cloth, filter the water into clean jars.

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