Top 5 Most Watched MMA Videos on Youtube

Mixed martial arts is one of the craziest sports on Earth.

The sport might have just started in the 80’s, but the earliest people have already engaged in various forms of fighting. It’s because aggression and dominance is an innate psychological characteristic in humans, as well as animals.

Back when we were still living in caves, athletic dominance isn’t shown by determining who shoots a ball into a ring the farthest. Especially in men, early evidence of humanity has revealed traces of fighting for a variety of purposes.

No wonder why the unique beauty of organised combat attracted nearly 260 million following across the globe. These most-watched MMA videos on YouTube also show how fighting became an adored sport in the civilised era we’re now living in.

Top 5 Most Watched MMA Videos on Youtube
Source: Youtube/UFC

Most Watched MMA Videos

1. Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History

Who doesn’t love a great MMA knockout? Most of the time, fans of the sport don’t find much pleasure in a fight that ends via decision after the adequate number of rounds.

Either a great submission win or a powerful knockout makes an MMA match worth watching. It’s obviously the reason why so far, the most viewed MMA video on Youtube is a compilation of the most jaw-dropping knockouts in the UFC from 1993 to 2013.

2. 600lbs Sumo Vs 169lbs MMA Fighter

You might be expecting a clip on one of Conor McGregor’s fights to be the second most-viewed MMA video on Youtube. But, here is a footage of two unknown fighters weighing 600lbs and 169lbs squaring off inside the cage.

Aside from the rules and techniques of the sport, fans also love the oddity that comes with it. Some promotions just love playing with the regulations of MMA that they created this unfair matchup which ended in the most unexpected way.

3. Titans Vs Conor McGregor Biggest MMA Fighters of All Time 

Here comes “The Notorious.” Third on our list is a compilation of ‘instant karma moments’ in MMA when titans in the sport such as huge fighters, referees and bouncers showed dominance among some egotistic combatants.

McGregor’s clips getting subdued by people bigger than him facades the compilation. This makes me wonder if we love the guy for his skills or it pleasures us more to see him being singlehandedly carried by a UFC bouncer during a heated presscon.

4. Conor McGregor Instant Karma MMA 

The fourth most-watched MMA video on Youtube is literally a collection of the Irish fighter’s most excellent fights — and shows. No wonder why he’s tagged as the star of the UFC.

5. Boyka: Undisputed 4 Trailer 

Boyka: Undisputed is a mixed martial arts film. This trailer is the fourth sequel to the combat sports movie that started to in 2002.

Scott Adkins plays the lead role, Yuri Boyka, an undefeated world-champion prizefighter who was convicted of rape.

The combination of our love for the sport and admiration of movie plots and stories reflects well in this Youtube video that gained 34 million views.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/UFC and Youtube/King Fight Production

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