The First Ever Twins vs. Twins 4-Man MMA Fight Just Happened

Two Vs Two 

How beautiful and unpredictable of a sport MMA is. As soon as the first bell rang, you do not know who’ll get locked in a guillotine, do the dirty boxing or even how many fighters there will be…

On a Fame MMA show in Poznan Poland, MMA is apparently sport to play with, including the rules. It was the first in the history of mixed martial arts to feature two sets of twins fighting in one cage.

Yes, you heard it right, in this match, the Polish faceoff featured two pairs of identical twins fighting at the same time and in the same cage. The bigger question is: why?

Well, the story behind why this phenomenal matchup was set is not clear. What we know is that the results are surprisingly identical as well.


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Tyburcsy Twins vs. Kluk Twins

Though the fight itself isn’t much of a phenomenal performance, the oddity of having two mirror matches happening simultaneously inside the fighting ground is worth the curiosity.

In the end, Tyburcy twins Peter and Paul defeated the Kluk twins via double technical knock out. According to a report, the one twin didn’t chase down his brother’s opponent when he knocked out his first, so it wasn’t a tag team fight after all.

Also, the second Tyburcy brother finished his opponent after a matter of seconds that his sibling will not need to do any more support. Impressive for the Tyburcy’s on this match, it will be great if they can find another identical pair to fight them on the same division.

Nevertheless, the game needed only one twin to finish to declare who bags the win. The TKO time of the Tyburcy twins just happened almost at the identical time so the second victory took place before the fight could be waved off.

Watch the double trouble promotion video below:

We know how odd things can be in MMA, and at any sport at that. Good thing that’s what most of the fans are looking for.

Also, in case you were wondering, there were two referees. Sadly, they don’t look the same.

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