WATCH: MMA Fighter Walks Straight Up To Opponent & Knocks Him Out Instantly

The Missouri-based mixed martial arts company headed to the Kansas City last Saturday for the Shamrock FC 313 and the event was nothing short of spectacular. 

In just one night, the competition treated fans with three lightning-quick finishes, which saw fighters sending their opponents in the shadow realm in a matter of seconds. One of the best highlights was Shane McKay’s quick work of Joshua Taylor, punching his way to the Shamrock’s FC’s record books with a four-second technical knockout or the fastest stoppage ever.

Fastest Stoppage in Shamrock FC’s History

McKay and Taylor starred in an amateur middleweight fight at Shamrock FC 313, which was headlined by a catchweight fight between Bobby “Vicious” Voelker and Darrius “Beastmode” Flowers. McKay made a very quick work of his foe as he finished Taylor in the first four seconds of the bout.

He landed a solid right punch to the face, which sent Taylor down the mat, and the referee quickly rushed to call off the fight. The stoppage looked early as Taylor can be seen getting up immediately after the solid hit but the ref may have thought of the damage Taylor can suffer should he not stopped the fight.

With that finish, McKay was able to achieve a rare feat in the promotion’s history as it became the fastest stoppage/technical knock out in Shamrock FC ever. Watch it in the video below:

Meanwhile, in the co-main event of the Shamrock FC 313, Jacob Thrall needed only nine seconds to dispatch Dillon Tolbert in their bantamweight showdown. Just like McKay, Thrall turned to his power punch to floor his opponent, which forced the referee to halt the fight. Watch it below:

Check out the full results of Shamrock FC 313 below courtesy of Knuckle Junkies: 

Bobby Voelker DEF Darrius Flowers – TKO 2:00 2nd
Jacob Thrall DEF Dillon Tolbert – TKO 0:09 1st
Horacio Escobar DEF Drake Heitfield – Kimura 1:44 1st

Zach Scroggins DEF Isaac Lyons – Unanimous Decision
Andrew Floyd DEF Regina – TKO 0:59 1st
Connor Shepard DEF Edwin Rowe – Unanimous Decision (Kickboxing)
Lainey Nations DEF Krista Camarillo – RNC 1:51 1st
Logan Pirl DEF Cody Gillenwater – Unanimous Decision
Shane McKay DEF Taylor TKO 0:04 1st
Kayla Williams DEF Sims TKO 1:27 1st (Kickboxing)
Jake Wilson DEF Keenan Richcreek – TKO 0:27 1st
Hunter Gore DEF Daryoosh Noori – Unanimous Decision

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