Twitter Reacts to Floyd Mayweather Knocking Out Tenshin Nasukawa

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Tenshin Nasukawa exhibition Boxing match took place earlier today.

There were many doubters that didn’t think it would happen despite Floyd confirming. It wasn’t your typical Floyd Mayweather fight. There wasn’t a lot of hype outside of Japan. This could have all stemmed from Floyd initially saying it wasn’t happening before finally changing his mind. The money was too good and he confirmed it would be a Boxing exhibition.

Fans still had their doubts come fight day, but Floyd showed up and did what he did best. There was a lot of Kickboxing fans that believed Tenshin could pull off the win. Tenshin is a very talented Kickboxer with his own undefeated record in Kickboxing and MMA, but Floyd is 50-0 in Boxing. It was a tall task for the 20-year-old fighter to pull off.

Floyd made it look easy as it took him less than one round to end the fight. A left hook initially dropped Tenshin, but he recovered. An uppercut dropped him for a second time but was once again able to get up. After another left hook dropped him a third time and he got back to his feet but was clearly hurt his corner threw in the towel. The fight was stopped and although officially there was no winner, Floyd won. Check out the Twitter reactions to the fight below.

The reactions were mixed

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