Max Holloway Visits Ireland & Absolutely SHREDS Conor McGregor

Max Holloway Visits Ireland & Absolutely SHREDS Conor McGregor
Max Holloway image source: youtube

There’s no love lost between Conor McGregor and pretty much anyone he has fought in the octagon. Max Holloway, the current featherweight champion, had possibly the funniest troll of 2019 so far as he took aim at McGregor…

Conor McGregor’s journey through the world of combat sports has scored him some dangerous enemies. Such is the game in MMA, where trash talking and violent walking is a way of life. McGregor’s infamous banter has seen him get inside many opponent’s heads but has also put a target on his back.

When he first joined the UFC way back in 2013, “The Notorious” had a very different backdrop. He couldn’t afford a proper suit and was living month-to-month. One thing that always stayed the same was the way he berated his rivals before they fought.

One great example of that ruthless tongue McGregor possesses was his relentless lashing of Jose Aldo. When they eventually fought after a brutal world tour, “Scarface” was clearly frustrated and this led to his demise.

Max Holloway Visits Ireland & Absolutely SHREDS Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor starched Jose Aldo in 13 seconds at UFC 194. Image source: Youtube

McGregor Talks Trash But Also Gets Trashed

During his somewhat colourful rants, McGregor has verbally mocked his opponents. This wasn’t always his way, looking back at his Cage Warriors days, McGregor was quite humble in the pre-fight process.

He has undoubtedly re-moulded the model in MMA as we know it today. New fighters coming through the ranks now truly know trash talk and rivalries sell fights.

When he first fought Max Holloway, both men were still cutting their teeth at the elite level.

Max Holloway Visits Ireland & Absolutely SHREDS Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor defeated Max Holloway back in 2013

The Rivalry Continues To This Day

Conor McGregor would overcome a reported leg injury to defeat Max Holloway in 2013. It truly wasn’t the best fight for either man and didn’t display what they are both fully capable of. It’s part of what makes a possible rematch so interesting to fans.

Also quite intriguing is the fact Holloway is currently on fire in his role as champion. With McGregor come and gone at 145 pounds, “Blessed” owns the division with a crazy 13-fight win streak.

Holloway and McGregor’s rivalry has continued today as the current featherweight boss visited McGregor’s hometown of Dublin, Ireland. With McGregor rapidly becoming a successful whiskey salesman with his brand “Proper 12,” Holloway saw an opportunity for quite a massive troll.

Check out Holloway paying respect to the “Greatest whiskey ever,” and it’s not Conor McGregor’s:

238 years of innovation, hard work, and unmatched quality. Not a watered down trend. A true pillar of Ireland, supporting the hard working families in Dublin for generations. Thank you

Needless to say, Max Holloway is a savage.

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