WATCH: Max Holloway Leathers His Own Teammate With Kick To The Liver

How can a spinning back kick be brutal and be fun to watch at the same time? Ask UFC featherweight champion, Max Holloway. 

Holloway’s stand-up game may be his bread and butter, but his spinning back kick should not be taken for granted. It was the exact move that took the fight out of Anthony Pettis at UFC 206 in December 2016 and destroyed Will Chope in 2014.

But “Showtime” and “The Kill” were not the only victims of Holloway’s textbook spinning back kick. In a video below, “Blessed” demonstrated how the spinning back kick is done, with his friend from the Da Brodies acting as the punching bag. Watch how the 145-lb champion took the oxygen out of the man’s system with a nasty spinning back kick.

WATCH: Max Holloway Leathers His Own Teammate With Kick To The Liver

The Challenge

Max Holloway did the Spinning Back Challenge with Birdy Bird on their YouTube channel, Da Brodies. After reaching 500 subscribers, Holloway needed to smash his partner with a spinning back kick as part of the deal.

“Blessed” took some time measuring his friend with his broad feet before smashing him. After a few moments, Holloway landed a vicious spinning back kick to his midsection (Hello, Anthony Pettis!), which sent his friend crashing to the floor.

Watch the sequence in the video below and listen to that loud THUD!

It’s Back!

Good news for their YouTube subscribers as the Spinning Back Challenge will be back this year. Holloway confirmed it in an Instagram post last December 25.

He wrote: “It’s back! #spinningbackkickchallenge ft @howsdisguy Sista Moki called me and said Braddah Z is acting up. So if you wanna see Braddah Z hair flow in the wind here’s your chance. I need your help, we together need to spread the word and get him to 125k followers by the new year to get this done. So please make Christmas come early for me in 2019 and let me #kickbraadahz2019”

Featherweight GOAT

Max Holloway is considered by many as the best featherweight to ever grace the UFC Octagon. Recently, he returned to actions at UFC 231, following a health scare in early 2018, and showed everyone who the real king of 145-lb is.

‘Blessed’ starred on his comeback fight on last month, following a series of pullouts in three consecutive UFC events, and passed the biggest test of his career with flying colours. He destroyed Brian Ortega in an all-out four-round war to retain his UFC featherweight championship title.

WATCH: Max Holloway Leathers His Own Teammate With Kick To The Liver

‘T-City’ was billed as the biggest test for Holloway as he ranked second in the featherweight division, after earning six consecutive stoppage wins. They were scheduled to lock horns in July at UFC 226, but Holloway pulled out from the title fight after suffering concussion-like symptoms.

It became the third time “Blessed” withdrew from a fight as he was also ruled ineligible to fight at UFC 22 against ex-lightweight champion Frankie Edgar after sustaining a leg injury before pulling out in the last minute of his lightweight title fight showdown against current champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/Da Brodies)

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