Max Holloway Breaks One Of The Craziest UFC Records Against Brian Ortega

“Surprise, surprise, surprise! The king is Max.”

After more than a year outside the cage to deal with numerous issues including his health, Max Holloway returned to the Octagon to prove once and for all that he is the greatest featherweight fighter on the planet, scoring an impressive win vs Brian Ortega in Canada.

Significant Strikes

Toronto hosted a phenomenal night of fights headlined by a heart-stopping match between Holloway and Ortega on Saturday night that ended in a doctor’s stoppage in favour of ‘Blessed.’

The featherweight champ retained his title after finally entering the Octagon following a series of pullouts in three consecutive UFC events. Holloway passed the biggest acid test of his career as planned, destroying first-ranked featherweight contender Ortega in an all-out four-round war.

After defeating Ortega, not only did Holloway cement his name atop the featherweight pyramid, the Hawaiian champ has broke mixed martial arts record as well. He’s the first fighter to break his rival’s undefeated record, taking home “Performance of the Night” and “Fight of the Night” bonus honours.

Most significant strikes landed in UFC history: 1. Max Holloway (1627) 2. Michael Bisping (1567) 3. Frankie Edgar (1463)


Aside from tarnishing Ortega’s unblemished record, Holloway earned the most number of significant strikes in the history of UFC. He shot ahead of Michael Bisping at 1,567 and Frankie Edgar at 1,463 with a tally of 1,627 strikes.

The featherweight kingpin landed 290 significant strikes during his four-round contest against Ortega, earning the new single-fight record under his name. However, he credits the record-breaking numbers to ‘T-City’ himself. During the post-fight presscon, Holloway said:

“I didn’t break the records actually, Ortega did it for me. He’s taking a lot of punches so this is not one-sided. The guy is taking some damage…”

Of course, his present featherweight achievements wouldn’t match with anyone else’s.


Max Holloway Breaks One Of The Craziest UFC Records Against Brian Ortega   

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