Massage Your Way to a Lean and Fat-Free Body

Ask anyone you know, and the first two things they’ll tell you to do in order to lose weight are change your diet and exercise. And that’s true. In order to get a fat-free, lean body, you need a proper diet and regular working schedule. Without working out, you can’t burn those extra calories and fat. And without a proper diet, your body won’t burn fat and speed up your metabolism.

However, an underrated aspect of getting a lean and fit body is massage. With massage, you improve your circulation and release toxins from your body. If you didn’t know by now, toxins, including sugar, are the biggest obstacles you need to get past to get a fat-free body. Read about how you can use massage to get rid of toxins and lose weight.

How toxins prevent you from losing weight

Obesity is a growing trend in Western countries. This includes America, where two-thirds of adults suffer from obesity. And while most of us attribute obesity to sugar and fatty foods, we need to take a look at toxins as well. They can contribute to fat storage as much as sugar, and make it even more difficult to lose weight.

When toxins enter our body, they go straight to the liver, which has to break them down and flush them away. Although the liver is perfectly capable of doing this, if you constantly consume toxins, your liver will be overwhelmed with work. This is when the liver can’t function properly, endangering the functionality of the heart and other organs. As a result, our body uses its backup plan, which is to store leftover toxins inside fat cells. The liver will be able to catch up, but the toxins stay stored in the fat cells—that is, unless you clean them up later.

Environmental and internal toxins can cause a spike in toxins in our body. They overwhelm the liver, and more toxins have to be stuffed into storage for disposal later on. As the number of fat cells dealing with toxic load increases, we become overweight.

The problem is, toxin buildup can start young, much younger than we think. Even babies begin storing toxins in fat cells before they are born. Infants exposed to toxins in the womb are born with more fat cells. They also have a higher risk of rapid weight gain, which leads to obese children and later on, obese adults.

Toxins make it difficult to lose weight because our fat cells can’t function properly when they are loaded with toxic compounds. Without going into too much of a biological explanation, fat cells support a greater production of leptin, and we end up with leptin resistance. Leptin is the hormone that regulates eating and fat burning. When you are suffering from leptin resistance, your body receives a signal that you need to eat more and store more fat, even when there is plenty of it.

That being said, let’s take a look at five massages that will help you flush toxins from your body. Keep in mind that just massaging your body will not be enough to lose weight. You still need to work out and eat a proper diet. But massaging goes a long way in helping to develop the body and lean muscles you always wanted.

Massage for your glutes

Massage Your Way to a Lean and Fat-Free Body

Glutes, or the muscles forming your hip, are often a breeding ground for fat cells. Women suffer from fat in their hips all the time. Massing your glutes on a regular basis will stimulate fat loss in the area. You still need to work out, but massaging will help your body focus its fat burning on the glute area. With your fingers, gently massage your glutes. Start from the upper leg and then move to the buttocks in a circular and upward motion. The goal is to improve circulation in this area.

Massage for your legs

Massage Your Way to a Lean and Fat-Free Body

Once you start with the glutes, it’s only logical that you continue with the legs. The inner thigh is another problematic area for women (it’s where cellulite resides). To kick-start fat loss in your legs and inner thighs, use your thumbs. Apply a small amount of pressure in the groin area (the starting point for the massage). Continue to your inner thighs using a circular motion. This will stimulate fat loss and help your body fight cellulite.

Massage for your knees

Massage Your Way to a Lean and Fat-Free Body

You might wonder what the knees have to do with fat loss, Well, it turns out, a lot. Massaging your knees will help you with sagging skin. For this massage, you need to sit in a chair. Start the massage from the top of your kneecap. Move outward using short strokes. Massage the area with circular motions to reduce loose, sagging skin.

Massage for your calves

Massage Your Way to a Lean and Fat-Free Body

Every part of your lower body needs a massage if you want perfectly shaped, lean legs. The calves are another area that will help your body fight off cellulite. For this exercise, lie down and place pillows under your calves. Pull one leg toward your chest. Massage your calves, one at a time. Use both hands for the massage, and rub your calves with short strokes. As for the pressure, apply medium to hard, and then relax. Switch legs, and continue the massage.

Massage for your ankles

Massage Your Way to a Lean and Fat-Free Body

The last part of your lower body is the ankles. The feet, if you want to be more precise, but the ankles are the ones that help with circulation and fat loss. Massing the ankles will help you release toxins from your legs. Wrap both hands around your ankle so that you form a ring around it. Massage your leg by moving upward.

Bonus tips

As always, I want to provide you with some additional massage tips:

  • Massage every area for at least one minute per day
  • Drink lots of water to sweep out toxins
  • The initial result will be relaxation, but c. Continue to get the visible improvements

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