Youtube Star Logan Paul Tipped To Join The UFC

Just two months after famous US prankster Logan Paul took on rapper KSI in the “biggest fight in Internet history,” a UFC champion and UFC commentator Joe Rogan hited that Logan will eventually secure a place in the promotion.

In August, thousands of fans at the Manchester Arena and a massive pay-per-view audience witnessed Logan’s performance after squaring off with KSI in a much-hyped boxing match. Though it resulted in a draw, MMA commentator Joe Rogan still thinks he’ll do well in the UFC.

Actually Knows How to Fight 

On a recent episode of the ‘Joe Rogan Experience,’ the American stand-up comedian recognised Logan’s potential in mixed martial arts. Rogan says the YouTuber is even better than CM Punk.

“They were talking about Logan Paul fighting in the UFC, and Dana White said he would get killed, but Logan Paul is way better, way better, than CM Punk!”

“Logan Paul actually knows how to fight. He had a boxing match with that other YouTube guy, but I was watching him throw punches in that fight, and this is a guy who knows how to throw a punch. His punches looked good.”

Following the match, Logan also expressed his excitement for possibly locking a debut fight in the biggest MMA promotion in the world. Though the Ohio native grew tired toward the end of the fight, he still showcased an impressive jab in the early rounds.

Securing a Fight in the UFC 

Despite UFC President Dana White’s statement that Logan is just going to get hurt once he entered the Octagon, Tyron Woodley thinks he’ll be in soon. In an interview with TMZ Sports, the UFC welterweight champion tipped that the Youtuber will eventually sign a contract with the promotion.

Woodley frankly insisted:

“Dana White is not a fool… Logan Paul will fight in the UFC”

“He’s gonna fight in the UFC, Dana is not a fool. He’s gonna fight. Mark my words – Logan Paul will fight in the UFC.”

Woodley also cited some of the things White said won’t happen in the UFC but eventually did. If Logan’s MMA fate will be the same, the promotion is looking at a vast sum.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Logan Paul

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