Derrick Lewis Admits Stipe Miocic Deserves Heavyweight Title Shot

Derrick Lewis is making an abrupt back-to-back return to Madison Square Garden. After the Houston native did a stunning knockout victory against Alexander Volkov at last weekend’s UFC 229, the 33-year old Heavyweight fighter is stepping into a last-minute title shot at UFC 230.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has booked Lewis and Daniel Cormier for the main event of the UFC 230 this November. The Madison Square Garden will play host to this exciting affair, where Lewis will have the chance to snatch the heavyweight belt from the defending champion.

It appears that the UFC has convinced the Heavyweight champion to risk his shot at a blockbuster bout with Brock Lesnar. In lieu, Cormier will put his belt on the line opposite Lewis for the UFC 230 main event.

While many MMA fans were upset for Stipe Miocic not getting his immediate rematch, ‘The Black Beast’ just gave us a major reason why we should be happy about him getting a title shot. Lewis went viral on Tuesday after he unveiled his own ‘official promo’ for his UFC 230 fight against DC.

Derrick Lewis Admits Stipe Miocic Deserves Heavyweight Title Shot
Derrick Lewis knocks out Alexander Volkov on last weekend’s UFC 229 in Vegas. (Source: Twitter/UFC)

“I really believe that Stipe really deserves the shot.”

Bearing in mind that Lewis holds such a high ranking, he didn’t feel like he’s quite ready yet for a title shot after the Volkov fight. In spite of that, Lewis had inked the deal to fight Cormier after a couple of days.

In less than a month from now, the heavyweight belt will be put on the line. However, Lewis is sceptical about why No. 1 contender and former champion Stipe Miocic didn’t get the shot ahead of him.

“I don’t know why they don’t want to give it to Stipe. It’d been great for them to give it to Stipe than to me, but I appreciate them giving me the shot,” Lewis told TMZ Sports.

“I really believe that Stipe really deserves the shot, seeing as how he was the champion for a while. He defended that many times, and I guess dominant for a while. I don’t know why they gave it to me before they gave it to Stipe. Everyone else, whenever they lost their belt, they got a shot to win it back. I don’t know why they didn’t give it to Stipe unless he wanted some time off.”

When asked if he thought Stipe was more deserving of a title shot right now, Lewis replied, “Yes. For sure.” 

As for the Ohio native’s part, his manager, Jim Walter said, We will fight anyone, including Jones. But our priority is to rematch DC for the title.” Miocic told ESPN via text message that he was in talks to offer himself up to headline and help save that card, but he was never offered [Cormier].

“I would fight [Cormier] any time, anywhere. I look forward to getting my belt back,” Miocic said.

Watch “UFC’s Derrick Lewis Pumped for Title Shot ‘But Stipe Miocic Deserved It'” video below.

Video courtesy of TMZSports

Dual-division champ ‘DC’ (21-1, 1 NC) is set to defend his heavyweight title for the first time against Derrick ‘The Black Beast’ Lewis (21-5, 1 NC) at Madison Square Garden in November. 

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/ UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship and MMA Fighting/Esther Lin)

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