Lennox Lewis Offers To Fight Mike Tyson Again

Last December, boxing’s heavyweight division caught the attention of the world after its stars Tyson Fury and reigning WBC champion Deontay Wilder tussled in an epic encounter in Los Angeles, California. 

Fans and pundits alike were expecting that an immediate rematch would happen after this instant classic ended in a controversial split draw.

The rematch was almost a certainty until the “Gypsy King” signed a multi-million dollar deal with the broadcasting behemoth, ESPN, which pushed the rematch at a later date as Fury is set to take an interim title fight first under the contract.

With the Fury vs Wilder II not happening soon and Anthony Joshua taking on a lower-ranked opponent in Jarrel Miller, the heavyweight division is lacking the star power it needs to sustain the euphoria.

Luckily, there is one heavyweight boxer who is ready to step up as the former world champion and now retired Lennox Lewis expressed his willingness to don the gloves again and fight the legendary Mike Tyson for the second time in a mega fight.

Done With The Sport

Following a masterful performance against Ukrainian phenom Vitali Klitschko, the three-time world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis decided to call it quits while he was still at the top.

Though there were talks about a potential rematch, the British sensation opted to go for retirement, telling the media at a press conference in London that he was done and has given his 110 per cent in boxing.

“It is not easy being heavyweight champion of the world. It is in fact very hard to achieve becoming heavyweight champion of the world.

It is even harder to keep and stay at the top. I am a person who believes if you cannot give 110 per cent, then you should not do it. Right now I have given a hundred-and-ten per cent in my sport.”

“I respect boxing a great deal. Boxing has done so much for me. And one of the reasons why I am retiring (is) out of respect for the sport as well.”

“I respect the sport so much that it is time for the younger generation of boxers out there, you know, to make their own route to become the heavyweight champion of the world.”

Lennox Lewis Offers To Fight Mike Tyson Again
(Photo: Instagram/Lennox Lewis)

Lucrative Fight

Now 53, Lewis is not totally closing the doors for a return in professional boxing.

In a recent interview with renowned colour commentator, Joe Rogan, at the Joe Rogan Experience, the British champion said he is willing to come out of retirement to fight his old rival, Mike Tyson, who hung his gloves in 2005.

The heavyweight pair first met in 2002, where Lewis finished Tyson in the eighth round to retain the WBC, IBF, IBO, The Ring Magazine and Lineal heavyweight titles.

Asked about a potential rematch with the “Kid Dynamite,” Lewis said:

“Well you know, I told people that I’d take my pyjamas off for a 100 mill (£76m). So if you’re serious – come with it baby, show me the paper.”

Lennox Lewis Offers To Fight Mike Tyson Again
(Photo: Instagram/Mike Tyson)

The 53-year-old legend believes he has a clear edge over Tyson as he has been training hard while his opponent was serving jail time.

“I looked at Tyson’s history, he’s coming from the same history that I’m coming from and he spent some time in incarceration.”

“While he was in incarceration I’m still out there fighting and training hard, he didn’t have that in there so when he came out it was like training again doing what he knows not what he loves, that’s going to make him some money – that’s going to put some food on the table.”

“I look at old-time fighters and say, what made them stay in boxing so long, that’s the only thing they knew.”

“They’re not going to be no singer or dancer or whatever they only know boxing and this is where they get their money from so that’s what forces them back into the ring.”

Relive Lewis vs Tyson I in the video below:

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/Powerful JRE and Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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