Lennox Lewis Was Not Impressed By Deontay Wilder’s Performance

Former three-time world champion Lennox Lewis has shared his thoughts on how Tyson Fury managed to rise from the ashes, following a vicious knockdown in the closing stage of his fight against Deontay Wilder last weekend in Los Angeles.

In an interview last Sunday, the heavyweight legend insisted that his fellow Brit, Fury, ‘won all the way’ and has exposed the blueprint of defeating the one-dimensional American heavyweight champion. He also gave his insights on one of the best highlights of the Fury-Wilder fight.

Interesting Point

Shortly after the match ended in a tie-contest, the 53-year old legend took to Twitter to condemn the judging on the Fury vs Wilder fight. He claimed that the outcome of the fight presents a harsh reality on the lives of British boxers visiting the US for a fight. Lewis compared the controversial split decision draw to his first encounter with Evander Holyfield in 1999 held in New York, where it also ended in a tie-contest.

“This Wilder-Fury judging takes me back to my first fight with Holyfield Just goes to show how hard it is for a Brit to come to America and take someone’s belt even tho that’s what we clearly saw. Big up to Tyson Fury who never ceases to amaze me. Hold ur head high!”

He then paid tribute to Fury for making a successful comeback to professional boxing after three years of battling depression, obesity and drug issue.

“I just saw Tyson_Fury come back from drugs, depression, two years of inactivity and massive weight loss to outbox the WBC Heavyweight champion, who was gifted a draw! In a rematch, I can only imagine that he will be even better prepared.

Lewis echoed his social media sentiment in an interview last Sunday. He was also pressed about his thoughts on Fury’s famous come-back-from-the-dead stunt after being knocked down by the ‘Bronze Bomber’ in the twelfth round.

“Let me tell you, it is so hard to win in America. I don’t think it was a split. I think Tyson Fury won all the way. I think Deontay got exposed a little bit. I think the second time around is gonna be a different fight.”

“I was shocked that he got up. The reason why he got hit and went down in the first place, you have to look at what he’s gone through – 50 lbs of weight loss, two years out of the ring. Obviously, if he gets touched in the back of his head, he’s gonna go down because he’snot used to those type of punches. Now he’s taken Deontay’s best shot and gotten up from it. So the second time around, I don’t think Deontay is gonna hurt him easily.” 

Watch the full interview in the video below:

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/iFL TV and Twitter/NT Boxing)

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