The Man Known As “The Uzbek Bazooka” Is Fighting This Weekend

Once upon a time, a perfectly-placed left hook knocked the soul out of a kickboxing contender to snap his eight-fight winning streak. Former WMF muay thai world champion Anvar Boynazarov caused this chaos on Fabio Pinca and is now returning at Glory 64: Strasbourg on March 9. 

Boynazarov became a viral knockout artist after he punched consciousness out of Pinca with a powerful second-round left hook under the main card of Glory 47 in October 2017.

‘The Uzbek’ terminated his French-Italian rival’s eight fight victory streak that includes wins over Andrei Kulebin, Liam Harrison and then Manaowan Sitsongpeenong where he won the prestigious Rajadamnern title.

With Pinca’s home ground advantage, less fans expected Boynazarov to take home the bacon at Glory 47 during the featherweight tournament held in Lyon, France.

How to watch Glory 64 (March 9, Strasbourg, France):

Prelims – Live on Glory Kickboxing’s Facebook / Craziest Sports Fights, and YouTube accounts
Superfight Series – UFC Fight Pass
Main Card – Live on UFC TV

The Man Known As "The Uzbek Bazooka" Is Fighting This Weekend

Perfectly-Timed Left Hook

On Saturday, Glory 64 is taking place at Rhenus Sport in Strasbourg, France and Boynazarov is returning to fight Abdellah Ezbiri under the superfight series after coming off a victory over Bailey Sugden at Glory 58 in September.

The left-hook wonder gathered three simultaneous losses after knocking out Pinca but was able to pick up a win vs Sugden late last year. He’s now one of the featherweight prospects at the highly-anticipated Glory 64; with fans looking out for his powerful left-hook.

Digging more into the past viral knockout, the Uzbek phenom and his French-Italian foe both dished out fast and furious blows with smacking low kicks to start the match.

Evidently, Pinca came out as a more technical fighter after he landed a lot more clean strikes in the opening round. The former WBC world title holder has also outperformed his 30-year-old rival at the outset of the second round.

Pinca has even sent Boynazarov to the canvas with a powerful push-kick while landing great combinations to his defensive rival.

However, all of this dominance was thrown out of the window after the Uzbek fighter delivered a chin-connecting left hook at the last minute of round two to send Pinca to sleep.

The Man Known As "The Uzbek Bazooka" Is Fighting This Weekend
Source: Youtube/Glory Kickboxing


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Watch the ULTIMATE left hook knockout below:

The ULTIMATE Left Hook Knockout

Lifted Him Off The Ground 😨Anvar "The Uzbek Bazooka" BoynazarovReturns At GLORY Kickboxing 64 March 9th

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Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Glory Kickboxing and Instagram/Anvar Boynazarov

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