The Former UFC Fighter Serving Life In Prison For £53 Million Robbery

Mixed martial artists set up nicknames for themselves that are entirely hyperbolic. Conor McGregor lives by the alias “The Notorious,” but once in the history of the sport played a real notorious: Lee Murray.

Murray’s £53-million Securitas depot heist remains the biggest cash robbery in British history after he led a gang of armed raiders back in 2006. The convicted bank burglar and one-time UFC middleweight is now serving 25 years in a Moroccan prison.

After the “Lightning” was convicted of the heinous crime in 2010, the sport he left has put up with time. Mixed martial arts has moved on and grown up, while Murray is still living his days behind bars.

The Former UFC Fighter Serving Life In Prison For £53 Million Robbery
Source: Youtube/SBN MMA

Fighting Again 

Despite losing his freedom to the terrible crimes he did in the past, one thing is clear: the English combatant is not giving up the fight he’s now in. He’s not waiving the hope of seeing his four children again, as well the dream of dancing in the Octagon once more.

Surprisingly, Bloody Elbow had an opportunity to hear the voice of the former MMA star in a bizarre interview early this year. Nevertheless, Murray is ready to talk after years of silence in prison.

When asked about the three things he thinks about on a daily basis, Murray hinted on his desire to fight again.

“Well, the first thing would have to be freedom. Without that, nothing else is possible. The next would be my family, and the third would be fighting again.”

The Former UFC Fighter Serving Life In Prison For £53 Million Robbery
Source: Youtube/JFcombat

UFC Champion 

He also said he spends most of his free time training inside the Moroccan jail. The 40-year-old convict is always ready to fight another opponent and another day in prison.

“I train. That’s all you can do. I train and try to get as fit and strong as possible, so I’m always ready to fight.”
There have been times when I’ve been sitting in a room next to people with multiple death sentences and it’s then your problem seems very small. I’m still here to fight another day.

Murray revealed that one of the things that keeps him motivated is his desire to fight again, and be a UFC champion.

“I still have that dream of being the UFC champion. That dream will never go all the time I’m breathing air. The biggest disappointment for me is that the dream would have come true if I wasn’t in prison. That’s the most gutting thing about it.” 

Champion He Might Have Been 

On another subject, Murray recognised McGregor’s skills in fighting but says he cannot match the champion he would have been.

“You have never seen the champion I would have been. Conor can dream of being like me, but that’s what it would be – a dream. He could never be as confident as me, have balls the size of mine, or have the skills or power I have.”

“He can pretend to be me, but you will never see another me. Period.”

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/SBN MMA

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