They Call This Man The Most Terrifying Fighter In The World’s Most Brutal Sport

    Those who think that mixed martial arts are brutal should think again. 

    Lethwei, or commonly known as Burmese bare-knuckle boxing, has reached unprecedented heights in recent years. It is a form of combat sports where a knockout is the only means to notch a win. Fighters are not allowed to wear gloves, only gauze, and the head is considered an extra limb so throwing a headbutt is considered legal.

    What’s more? It has this unique feature called “injury timeout” where a fighter who has been knocked out cold is revived to be able to return to resume fighting.

    In this dangerous sport, there is one name that is a cut above the rest. David Leduc, who hails from Canada, has brought in his unmatched expertise in the sport that has catapulted Lethwei to an extraordinary level.

    They Call This Man The Most Terrifying Fighter In The World's Most Brutal Sport

    Humble Beginnings

    Leduc first fell in love with Muay Thai. He left his home country and moved to Thailand to train and gain experience in the sport. One of his first appearances was in a controversial tourney called Prison Fights, where inmates lock horns with outsiders to reduce jail time.

    He left the Prison Fighters fence and jumped into a new and more violent form of combat sports; Lethwei. Later on, he would become one of the marquee and most-feared names in the most brutal sport in the world.

    He started racking up a pair of draws in his first two matches. But his opponents were no ordinary assignments. Leduc, who had zero experience back then, immediately took on Too too, a champion in the sport. Despite skills disparity, the match ended with a tie contest, with Leduc leaving his opponent bloody.

    It was an impressive start for a neophyte. However, it took him those two draws to kickstart a great career.

    Now that he is a legit contender, Leduc went up against Tun Tun Min anew in his third assignment for the prestigious Lethwei Golden Belt. Their first meeting ended with a draw.

    And this time, expectations were sky high thatMin will walk away with the victory. Leduc shattered expectations and did the unthinkable. He proved that he is a force to reckon with in this sport and scored his first win via TKO in round 3.

    They Call This Man The Most Terrifying Fighter In The World's Most Brutal Sport

    Master of Mayhem

    Leduc turned from being an inexperienced Muay Thai fighter to the most terrifying fighter in the world’s most brutal sport. He is a real force of nature, the master of mayhem, and the living definition of brutality.

    The Canadian sports a unique fighting style that most Burmese love about him. The headbutt is his bread and butter as he often used the technique in his fights and he makes sure that only destruction awaits whoever comes his way.

    “Lethwei is the most violent sport. All we do is stand in front of each other and slam our bones together. In Boxing, if there’s an accidental headbutt it’s a big deal. They even stop the fight sometimes and that’s for an accident! For Lethwei, Imagine if my sole goal is to headbutt you. If I land my head on your face, I’m drawing blood, and taking your manhood away.”

    Now, he is known as the King of Lethwei in Myanmar.

    He returned to actions last August where he faced former Muay Thai Champion Diesellek Seepongsert Sanong at Lethwei World Championship 3 in Yangon, Myanmar. Being the savage that he is, Leduc made quick work of his opponent as he drew a scintillating first-round knockout via a brutal elbow.

    Enjoy this three minutes of violence featuring Dave Leduc also known as King of Lethwei:

    (Featured Image Source: Leduc Lethwei/YouTube)

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