Kickboxing Legend Will Fight 3 Vs 1 With Knockout Only Rules

Artur Kyshenko — tagged as the best-known kickboxer to ever emerge from the Russian Commonwealth States — is now up for some serious bloodbath after agreeing to a nine-minute ‘knockout only’ fight vs three opponents in China. 

Ukranian phenom Kyshenko is listed as one of the best pound-for-pound kickboxers in the world for winning various international championships on his now-13-year fighting career.

During those years, Kyshenko earned a spot at the K-1 World MAX in 2008. After signing with Chinese kickboxing promotions Kunlun Fight in 2015, he subsequently won the Kunlun Fight 80 kg Tournament World Championship.

Despite having more fights later, worried fans have not heard anything from Kyshenko since he last fought in early 2018.

Now, a MASFight promotions report says that the former kickboxing champ is taking on three opponents in a match that could only end via draw or knockout at the city of Xichang in Sichuan province, China.

Kickboxing Legend Will Fight 3 Vs 1 With Knockout Only Rules

Ukranian Knockout Artist

The 32-year-old Kyshenko is coming out of a heart-stopping third-round submission win over Timur Aylyarov at Kunlun Fight 74 last year.

His ferocious fighting style raised him up to the top of the world kickboxing pyramid; defeating the likes of Alexsandro Pereira, Murthel Groenhart and Hicham El Gaoui.

With a knockout ratio of more than 51%, Kyshenko is known for sending most of his opponents down the canvas, piling up 29 KO wins out of his 59-12 fighting record.

Aside from his fighting prowess, the former Kunlun Fight titleholder is one of the first Ukranian fighters to jump into the professional level, inspiring many other kickboxers from his country to follow suit.

Explosive Action

Many fans are now excited to see the phenomenal kickboxer enter the fighting cage against not one, but three fighters on the first day of May.

Quoting MASFight‘s report, one of the “biggest and most mind-blowing fights fans will ever see” will feature the Ukranian game-changer.

Taking the announcement to Facebook, the kickboxing promotions wrote:

“China is in for a night of explosive action come May 1st as #MASFight heads to the city of Xichang (西昌) in the spicy 🌶🌶Sichuan province. Ukrainian kickboxing superstar, Artur Kyshenko is set to headline the show in a sensational main event bout where he will take on not 1 but 3 opponents in a single 9-minute round!!!

Anything is possible in #MASFight and we promise to bring you the biggest, most mind-blowing fights you will ever see!

Matchmaker: Sasan Ghosairi For more information and collaboration with MAS: [email protected]

China is in for a night of explosive action come May 1st as #MASFight heads to the city of Xichang (西昌) in the spicy…

Gepostet von Martialism square – MAS. am Donnerstag, 18. April 2019

Ukranian Idol’s Idol?

For the pioneer of Ukranian professional fighting courage, his country’s best combat sports fighter is none other than Vasyl Lomachenko.

“Vasyl. Who else? I do not have any special idols, but I always say that this is the Lomachenko family,” Kyshenko told Combat Press.

“Vasyl and his father are together. I know Vasyl well. We have talked with him openly, and Vasyl says, “All this is the merit of the father. I’m just a machine that does what he says.” Let’s say, dad is a computer and Vasyl is iron,” he added.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Kunlun Fight

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