Khabib’s Message To Dana White About Jon Jones & UFC 232

So, UFC 232 is fast approaching and unless you live under a rock you will have heard the news. For those that haven’t, Jones failed another drug test but due to the same drug trace that banned him last year. The event is being shifted from Las Vegas to California to allow Jones to fight. Then Khabib chipped in…

Now it’s obvious that UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and UFC President Dana White aren’t on the best terms following UFC 229 and all of the drama that followed. With Khabib actually threatening to leave the UFC if his team mates were let go for their involvement.

The pair aren’t exactly on talking terms right now, but Khabib being the humble champ he is would try to resolve the issue, right? Wrong, he has taken to Twitter to troll the UFC Boss with two simple tweets with so much meaning behind it.

Khabib's Message To Dana White About Jon Jones & UFC 232
Source: Youtube/UFC

If you can recall, Khabib was meant to have a hearing in Nevada with the NSAC to determine his punishment for jumping the cage and starting riots amongst the fans after UFC 229. He never showed, just like he said he was going to. This is the base of one of Khabib’s tweets to Dana.

Here is the tweet that was released a few hours ago…

Now, of course Khabib is joking and his court case will not actually be transferred to Russia. However, if it was maybe he’d actually go to it…

For Khabib, it makes sense for it to be in his own country but for the law it does not. He violated a number of policies under the NSAC. Therefore, the court case has to be in Nevada where the incident took place.

He released another tweet before this, but with a more serious tone to it.

What’s interesting about this tweet is how he is supporting his team mate and P4P king Daniel Cormier, with the hashtag ‘DCtime’. What’s also more of a jab at Dana here is the fact he is talking about politics when Khabib himself is involved with a whole load of politics himself since UFC 229…

Khabib continues to dodge these court dates, so no official punishment has really been issued to him. However, until he does show up and receive an official punishment he is suspended. So, don’t expect the clock to say ‘Khabib Time’ anytime soon.

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