Khabib Beats Dana White By 10-8 Round With SAVAGE Comment

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s momentous title match vs Conor McGregor at UFC 229 earned the esteemed promotion its largest gate and highest pay-per-view revenue in history. Yet, President Dana White and ‘The Eagle’ couldn’t seem to live in harmony as melees and controversies fog the august event afterwards. 

As the post-fight fracas ensuing the headlining match of UFC 229 in Las Vegas last October started to unfold, White has called himself the ‘most upset man on the planet.’

The lightweight champion famously jumped off the Octagon to attack a member of the Irish star’s team as soon as he tapped him out in the fourth round of their all-out battle.

For this, Khabib, McGregor, their teams and the UFC boss went through several controversies; with the Russian prodigy even threatening to cut ties with the UFC if his teammate will be stripped off the promotion.

Now, Khabib has posted another savage tweet in response to White’s ‘great announcement’ of the upcoming UFC 235 card on social media; asking when the promotion’s top honcho will be ousted from his position.

Interim Title

In line with this, the Russian champion is confident that the promotion will not strip him of the 155-lb belt despite some fans urging the UFC to vacate the lightweight throne.

However, he has predicted that the UFC would create an interim title in his absence, which now seems to be the real deal after White announced that he won’t let a champion sit out that long.



Khabib Beats Dana White By 10-8 Round With SAVAGE Comment
Source: Instagram/Khabib Nurmagomedov

Fired From UFC

Khabib is now trolling White on Twitter after responding to the UFC’s recent promotional content for UFC 235 that’s happening tomorrow in Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFC chief is hosting the promo video and the Dagestan native thinks he’s better off in television.

“Great announcement by @danawhite Dana, when you will get fired from UFC, I think you’ll have great job on television.”

So, will we see anyone between Khabib and White exit the UFC soon? Of course, the boss is far likely to do so.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Khabib Nurmagomedov and Twitter/UFC

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