Conor And Khabib’s 2014 Tweets Show How They Used To Be Friends

Conor And Khabib's 2014 Tweets Show How They Used To Be Friends
Source: Twitter/Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib posted it on his account with a caption:

“With CONOR McGREGOR after his unbelievable victory at UFC 178.”

The next morning, Conor even responded with lines:

“I love it champ!! The Russian Bear!!”

Earlier that same month — September 2014 — Conor released a batch of new shirt designs. A co-fighter loved one and wanted to have his own. Guessed it right again, it was Khabib.

The undefeated champ again tweeted saying:

“Hey Conor, I’m in Vegas when you come let me know, I want you gave me this shirt.”

McGregor has no second thoughts at giving “his man” a shirt.

They’re even so open to training together.

How time changes things. Now, it seems as if they can’t be put on the same room without trying to take each other down.

We have no solid idea though. At the end of the day, they are making huge money from doing so. Who knows whether it can all be a trick and they are still the pals they used to be.

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