Khabib And McGregor Could Be Facing Indefinite Suspension From NSAC

Choices have consequences. 

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has decided to suspend UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and megastar Conor McGregor starting Monday, but a hearing later this month will determine the severity of the punishment.

It Turned Ugly

In case you missed it, Nurmagomedov and McGregor starred in the highly-anticipated UFC 229 last weekend at the T-mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Dagestan native welcomed the Irish star back in the Octagon after being sidelined for nearly two years.

When the dust settled, Nurmagomedov secured the win, his 27th in as many fights, via submission in the fourth round.

Khabib was simply sensational and just too much for the challenger. After dominating the first three rounds, ‘The Eagle’ wrapped up the fight in the fourth with a neck crank that forced McGregor to raise the white flag.

But in a shocking turn of events, the reigning lightweight champ lost his composure and jumped over the cage to attack one of McGregor’s cornermen Dillon Danis. The incident resulted in bigger brawls inside and outside the arena involving members and fans of both camps.

Three members from Team Khabib were reportedly arrested after the incident while the NSAC decided to withhold Nurmagomedov’s disclosed 2 million-paycheck, following the ugly post-fight brawl.

Indefinite Suspension May Be On The Card

NSAC executive direction Bob Bennett confirmed this week that they have started a ‘comprehensive investigation’ into the UFC 229 fracas.

On Thursday, the authority served its initial punishment to the UFC stars.

The ESPN Sports Center reported that both fighters will serve temporary suspension starting October 15 for their roles in the chaotic post-fight fracas that happened last Saturday at the T-mobile Arena.

However, Khabib and Conor could be banned for good as indefinite suspension may be on the card depending on the aftermath of the October 24 hearing.

Meanwhile, McGregor may have received his $3 million-paycheck but he is not walking away unscathed as he will ‘receive a sanction’ for his unsportsmanlike conduct.

(Featured Image Source: ESPN/YouTube)

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