Khabib’s Manager SHREDS Conor McGregor Over ‘Security Guard’ Post

Khabib’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, was more upset on Conor McGregor bragging about landing the final blow on the eve of UFC 229 brawl than the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s final ruling to the case. 

The controversial MMA manager left a brutal reply on McGregor’s recent Twitter post, which claimed he flushed Khabib’s teammate down the pipe after attacking him inside the cage during the infamous UFC 229 post-fight melee last October.

“Fair Assessment”

The final hearing to the UFC 229 post-fight brawl by the Nevada State Athletic Commission happened on Tuesday, January 29, with the sanctioning body finding UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov guilty of instigating the violence that sparked bigger brawls at the T-mobile Arena on October 6.

The Russian champion was slapped with a hefty $500 000 fine and a nine-month suspension for his involvement in the brawl, but the ruling also stated that the suspension can be reduced by three months if he enrols to an anti-bullying program.

Meanwhile, his rival, Conor McGregor, will sit out until March as the NSAC served him a six-month suspension and a fine of $50 000, ten times less of Khabib’s.

Khabib's Manager SHREDS Conor McGregor Over 'Security Guard' Post
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Khabib has expressed his dismay over the NSAC decision, calling it a product of “politics” in one of his social media posts. While “The Eagle” was not happy with how the case was handled, McGregor believed that ruling was “fair.”

A thankful McGregor issued a statement on the NSAC ruling on Wednesday while bragging about hitting the final dagger on the night of the UFC 229 brawl.

“I am thankful for the Nevada athletic commissions fair assessment and handling of the brawl incident. It was not my intention to land the final blow of the night on my opponent’s blood relative. It’s just how it played out. I look forward to competing again soon. Thank you all.”

“Straight left hand inside the attacker’s jab. He attempted to use the big security guard that’s in all the movies as cover, but I could smell him a mile away and landed flush down the pipe. The final blow of the night UFC 229 in association with McGregor Sports and Entertainment,” he continued.

“Broken Man”

Conor’s statement did not sit well with MMA manager, Ali Abdelaziz. The controversial manager, who had a feud with McGregor during the UFC 229 build-up, blasted the Irish star on Twitter, calling him a broken man who cannot compete.

“Shut the fuck up you was a broken man who tapped out and gave up. You got outwrestled, outgrappled, outstruck, dropped you can’t compete with these caucus lions”

McGregor’s fans quickly came to his defense by pointing out that Abdelaziz lost three of his four fights in his MMA career via submission.

Abdelaziz has called the fine for Khabib unfair and bullsh*t. He also stressed that the suspensions served to Khabib’s teammate Zubaira Tukhugov and Abubakar Nurmagomedov were too much.

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/The MMA Hour and Instagram/Conor McGregor)

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