Flying Khabib Goes Into Space In Brilliant Viral Video

Khabib Nurmagomedov is not called ‘The Eagle’ for nothing. 

Last October 6, the MMA world found out why he is the perfect fighter to carry such moniker. The Russian champ punched his ticket to his 27th victory in his professional career after a dominant performance against the Irish star, Conor McGregor, at UFC 229.

Seconds after the win, Khabib jumped off the cage and attacked one of McGregor’s cornermen. He was seen launching a flying kick at Dillon Danis, like an eagle hunting its prey – tough, sinewy, and tenacious.

Emotional Fight

Nurmagomedov is known for his great grappling skills. Ahead of his clash with McGregor, there was a consensus forecast that the Dagestani will bring the fight in the ground, where he is more dangerous and lethal.

And so he did. He gave his challenger a serious beating, especially in the second frame, where he was caught talking to McGregor during his ground and pound. It was pure energy and emotion from Khabib as he knew that much was at stake in this fight – his lightweight belt, his perfect win-loss record, and his promise to silence his foul-mouthed rival.

But the supposedly great moment was ruined when he let his emotion took over him. Nurmagomedov lost his composure when someone from the crowd hurled an offensive insult. When he realized it was Danis, he immediately leapt over the cage, flew onto the crowd, and threw him a flying kick. And the rest, as they say, was history.

The Internet Never Forgets

This aggressive move from Khabib caught the attention of netizens and sparked hilarious reactions in social media.

Check out some of the best Khabib’s Flying Kick Memes below:

Desperate Time Calls for Desperate Measure

It is what it is.

Freshman Life.

But the best so far is the shooting stars video from Darwin’s Greatest Hits uploaded on YouTube. The video shows a flying Khabib soaring so high that he reached the outer space.

We, therefore, conclude that ‘The Eagle’ does not only thrive in the ground. Surely, he can also take the fight mid-air, and he will still end up with the win!

Watch the hilarious video below:

On a serious note, who do you think will be The Eagle’s next prey after McGregor?

(Featured Image Source: Darwin’s Greatest Hits/YouTube)

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