Khabib Demands Biggest Payday In UFC History To Rematch McGregor

It’s been four days since the chaotic UFC 229 came to pass, but MMA fans are clamouring for the rematch Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor which remains on the table.

Last Saturday, October 6, the biggest fight in UFC history has set the seal on Khabib’s name as he remains undefeated. The undefeated Dagestan pride (27-0) destroyed the Dublin pride (21-4) via submission in the fourth round.

The Russian fighter didn’t just gain a belt to hang onto his waist by scoring his biggest victory to date. But also some leverage for his next payday.

Khabib Demands Biggest Payday In UFC History To Rematch McGregor
Photo: YouTube/UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

Team Khabib Demands ‘Record-Breaking Paycheck’

If the UFC demands a rematch between the Russian champ and the animated Irish star, the promotion should expect some heavy negotiations by Khabib. The Dublin pride made $3 million, while the undefeated lightweight champion made a disclosed $2 million flat rate.

However, NSAC froze and withheld the undefeated’s paycheck due to the incident. No wonder why the Team Khabib demands a record-breaking paycheck for McGregor rematch.

“If you want a rematch, if the people want a rematch, if they are going to buy into a rematch, they are going to have to pay Khabib,” said Luke Rockhold during a recent edition of The Ariel Helwani MMA Show via MMA Mania.

“Khabib doesn’t need anything at this point in his life. So they are going to have to give him a very, very hefty paycheck. Probably the biggest paycheck in the world, in the history of MMA guaranteed on his side. I know Khabib, I have talked with Khabib and if you want a rematch, he will demand a record-breaking number.”

The MMA world is counting on for the “The Eagle” and “The Notorious” part 2. But the big question is, will the rematch happen, though?

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