Kelvin Gastelum Shreds Conor McGregor With Brutal Statement





McGregor was first to react on Gastelum’s claim of the middleweight championship and said the native of Arizona should not even hold the belt for there are ‘worms crawling on his skin.’

“Why is that worm holding the 185lb belt? There are worms crawling on his skin! It was absolutely ludicrous to even consider allowing him to compete. Let alone now walk around the arena shaking our fans hands,” the Irishman wrote on Twitter.

“Someone sort this, this instant. And sterilize that belt. Immediately.”


The Notorious was referring to the cold sores that were recently been noticed on Gastelum’s face and neck. In an interview with 

“I was fighting this staph infection on my face, on my body, the entire week. I was on antibiotics the entire week fighting this thing. The UFC doctors were gracious and handling it well and they were really happy with how the infection on my skin was going away and how it’d be okay to fight,” Gastelum stated.


“No, as soon as the UFC doctors got there the week of the fight, they started handling it… So there was no way that I wasn’t going to be competing just because of this infection. I was gonna go in there and fight this thing and go ahead and fight this fight. The doctors were letting me fight, they were saying it was going to be okay.”

And as for Conor, Gastelum has a fiery response to being a called a worm; referring to the Dubliner as a ‘leper’ and bringing up the current tabloid fodder that he has a love child.

“Oh my God, you want to talk about a leper? A guy that’s full of disease that’s spreading disease all over Ireland? That’s Conor McGregor. He’s spreading his seed all over Ireland, impregnating ladies and not claiming them. That dude’s a leper. Forget him.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Conor McGregor and Twitter/Rohit Kumar

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