Kash Ali Takes Down David Price & Bites Him During Boxing Match

David Price and Kash Ali fought in Liverpool earlier tonight.  Price fighting in his hometown and grabbing himself his second straight win. However, not the way he would’ve hoped for in front of the home crowd.

David Price has been in the Boxing game for a long time. He has fought some of the best fighters in the world, including title challenger Alexander Povetkin. Where he was unfortunately knocked out. Since then he has secured himself two wins.

Kash Ali most probably ended his career tonight in Liverpool for his fighting, tactics we’ll call them. After fouling Price multiple times throughout the five rounds that the fight lasted. Ali decided to charge at a price, planting his head into Price’s stomach and then biting him.

Kash Ali vs David Price

By the 5th round, Price was visibly tired. Ali, of course, was trying to capitalise on this and go for the finish. However, all it took from Price was the right hand to have Ali on the back foot. Not just once either. Ali appeared to be hurt from near enough every right hand that Price landed flush.

As he was clipped, he resorted to his strange tactic literally tackling Price to the canvas as he’d transitioned to MMA mid-fight. The only difference was that Ali decided to sink his teeth into Price.

It was blatantly obvious what Ali had done, and it only made it more obvious with the gigantic bite mark left on Price’s stomach.

Watch the video on the player below:

“It’s a disappointing way to win”

The referee had clearly had enough of Ali’s fighting tactics as he disqualified Ali near enough instantly after witnessing him foul Price for 5 rounds straight. Here is what Price said regarding the bite.

“It’s a disappointing way to win.”

“He’s lost his head completely.” He added that he was “not too pleased with his own performance,” but he said, “The main thing is that I move forward. Any win, I’ll take. So I got the win, and we move on.”

Ali was up and coming on the British boxing scene but after that performance, it’ll be a shock if he gets the main event slot again, or in that fact any slot for a little while…

Seems like Ali was feeling a little bit like Tyson tonight, what did you think of the fight and the bite?

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