Justin Bieber Made To Do Push Ups For Wearing Slippers In The Hood

    Normally, chilling in the hood when your car broke down to wait for the removal service is no big deal… Unless you’re Justin Bieber and no one was supposed to see you. 

    The Canadian artist has a name most people in the world recognise or may have heard once in their lives. Recently, the young pop icon found himself caught up in an immobilised vehicle in the Watts neighbourhood of Los Angeles with just his slippers on.–x/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

    Not a Bad Idea 

    Imagine the horror of an internationally-renowned singer-songwriter to know that in just a matter of minutes, fans will come bombarding him in the middle of the road. However, the attempt to bond with the locals didn’t turn out to be a bad idea.

    Apparently, Justin was on standby for the arrival of a removal service when he took a crack at trying to be an ordinary person for once. He decided to get involved with people in the community and gain a few new fans.

    The slightly sticky situation turned into a short while of push-ups, basketball and a good old sing-a-long with the local crowd. Yes, the millennial artist serenaded the people with a rendition of ‘Hold Tight’ before completing 20 press-ups.

    Chilling in the Hood

    The amused mass also counted along with Justin while finishing his reps with a few clapping press ups. In another strange show, JB teamed up with a group of kids playing basketball in the area.

    Good sight for an artist who tried to associate himself with the fans; though there are claims that it was nothing but a publicity stunt. Anti-Racism Strategist Tariq Nasheed claimed on a tweet that the whole thing was scripted.

    “They are spreading a fake scenario that #JustinBieber was chilling’ in ‘the hood’ in LA because his car broke down. That’s 100% false.”

    “A church group organized this PR stunt for Bieber to take photo ops down in Imperial Courts. They had to throw a little money around to get a pass.”

    Arguing with Nasheed, another user preferred to focus on the bright side:

    “Whatever the reason, they look like they enjoyed his company. Black folks were not given any money from what I know and it’s them I was referring to enjoying Bieber’s company.”

    Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Justin Bieber Daily

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