Junior Dos Santos Says Derrick Lewis Complained When He Got Punched



Eye Poke

At one point during the showdown, JDS appeared to have poked Lewis in the eye; causing referee Herb Dean to briefly break off the action.

The former heavyweight king said he didn’t think it was a big deal but he saw a side of the Black Beast familiar to when he was studying his rival’s tapes in preparation for the bout.

Complains A Lot

“Derrick Lewis, I could see it in his fights, too, he complains a lot. Every time he got hit or something he complains a lot,” Dos Santos told MMA Junkie in a post-fight interview.

“I don’t know if he’s trying to take advantage of the moment or something, but he complains a lot. He was telling the ref, ‘My eye.’ It doesn’t make sense. He was fine.”

“You can see on the camera he was fine. That doesn’t make any sense. But that’s fine. The ref, Herb Dean, he’s the greatest in this business and I trust him and that’s what I told him – that my hands weren’t open.”

Referring to the match, the Brazilian fighter admitted his rival’s heavy hands and explained how he tried to fend off Lewis’ punches.

“It was a good challenge. I know how dangerous he is so I was trying to avoid those punches and one of them connected, but I didn’t feel it too much.”

“I could feel that he has a lot of power, but my angles, I like to position myself in a better way to connect with better punches.” 

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/MMA Junkie and Twitter/Take Your Base Sports

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