The UFC Heavyweight Who Won His Debut By Knockout While Blind In Both Eyes

Blood doesn’t usually disturb fighters in the Octagon especially after taking heavy strikes. However, the copious amount of blood on his body worried Juan Adams on his fight vs Chris De La Rocha since he knows he didn’t take any hit that could possibly do such damage. 

UFC Milwaukee featured a heart-stopping heavyweight battle between Adams and De La Rocha, ending up in a third-round TKO stoppage in favour of ‘The Kraken.’ Aside from getting a disturbing amount of blood on his body, Adams won the showdown almost blindsight.

Not Allowed

The 26-year-old heavyweight destroyed his opponent at the preliminary bout of UFC on FOX 31, Saturday night. It was an impressive performance that makes most fans think Adams is in his best shape — but one of his senses isn’t.

While the native of Massachusetts initially said on his post-fight interview that his contact lens had fallen out in the opening round, he later insisted that the UFC has not allowed him to wear them at all as a part of the athletic commission restrictions.

For a mixed martial artist who wants to precisely aim at his opponent, this is a huge obstacle. In the post-fight presser, Adams detailed the problem of his eyesight and how much it affected his performance.

“I said my contacts fell out in the first round, I didn’t have my contacts in at all, so that threw me off a little bit, not being able to see. I just found out before this fight that it’s not allowed to fight with contact lenses.” 

“I wear toric lenses and mine is 275 in both eyes, I have astigmatism so it’s pretty bad.” 


In an interview with MMA Junkie, ‘The Kraken’ also explained how he was still able to win the fight despite seeing his rival blurred.

“He was really blurry. All I can see is, he’s got a really big head and a really big gut, so that’s what I focused on.” 

With his victorious UFC debut, Adams said he can finally afford to undergo Lasik eye surgery to improve his vision. Aside from this, the heavyweight victor shared how he freaked out he was about having too much blood on his body that wasn’t even his.

“Yeah man, it’s disgusting. I was kind of freaking out between rounds. I was like, did he cut me? I don’t think I got hit that much. But it is what it is. I found out afterwards it’s not my blood. I almost threw up. I definitely need a shower now.” 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Juan Adams and Twitter/UFC

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