Jorge Masvidal Ecstatic About His UFC 244 Pay: “When These Numbers Come Out? Man, Some Heads Are Going To Pop.”

UFC welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal is thrilled with how things turned out during the negotiations for his UFC 244 showdown opposite Nate Diaz.

Masvidal currently holds the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history after he finished Ben Askren just five seconds into the opening round of their UFC 239 clash.

With such an insane record under his belt, Masvidal is aiming for a heftier paycheck for his return to the Octagon regardless of the opponent… And he might just get his wish!

Last Saturday, the UFC rocked the MMA world before its pay-per-view event in Abu Dhabi as it officially announced the Masvidal vs Diaz fight as the headlining act of its November card.

The welterweight pair will battle for the ‘one and done’ ‘Baddest Motherf*cker’ belt.

And it looks like Masvidal’s wish was granted by his employer as he recently revealed he signed a lucrative deal with the UFC, which could trigger his haters when official numbers are released.

Head Popping

In an interview with Ariel Helwani on his MMA Show, the viral UFC fighter said he is now in high spirits after the promotion made a striking deal for his fight with Diaz.

“I’m getting paid and not played, that’s for sure. Listen, your boy is happy. They took care of me.”

Masvidal said that the head-popping money will make his haters feel saltier about him.

“There is going to be a lot of bitches coming out.”

“When I say bitches, I’m not talking about my female listeners or fans, no.”

“It’s particular individuals who are bitches, who are attention whores, who are very salty individuals.”

“They’re pretty salty, but when these numbers come out? Man, some heads are going to pop.”

On these lines, many fans suspect that Masvidal might be referring to his long-time friend Colby Covington, who had to decline a basic challenger rate for his title fight with Kamaru Usman.

Keeping Him Awake

Masvidal also shared that Diaz is a special opponent and their upcoming fight keeps him awake every day.

“Ben Askren for example. What’s the worst that could happen to me? He’s going to hug me up?”

“No biggie. When I fight a guy like Nate, it speaks to my soul. I can think of some bad things happening to me.”

“These fights speak to my soul. They motivate me to wake up. I don’t have to press the alarm button because I’m already awake.”

‘Gamebred,’ who missed some media obligations with Askren, guaranteed that there will be less trash talk during the build-up as they will let their fight do the talking.

“[Diaz and I] don’t do our work in the media age of talking s–t. “

“We’re just going to f–king go in there and throw down. Maybe I’ll show up to a press conference, maybe I won’t.”

“But you know I’ll be showing up Nov. 2 with bad intentions. That’s what the f–k you do know,” he said.

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal)

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