Jorge Masvidal Reveals Colby Covington’s Failure To Pay His Coach Sparked Feud

There is no love lost between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington.

The long-time teammates at the American Top Team continue to make headlines as they unleash their wrath at one another, following the UFC’s decision to scrap the Covington vs Usman title fight this November.

Covington, who claimed he was given an entry type paycheck for the November bout, did not like it when Masvidal accepted the promotion’s offer to headline UFC 244.

Though the UFC didn’t grant Masvidal the title shot, he was considered for it.

But this November, Masvidal instead had the chance to earn a massive paycheck for his upcoming headlining fight against Nate Diaz.

On this, Masvidal said he is set to earn a head-popping salary.’

Covington has labelled his former best friend a ‘trashbag’ and accused him of being jealous of his ascent up the welterweight rankings.

“That tweet came from Jorge trying to get in the way of my money and I take that money very serious,” Covington said, per MMA Fighting.

Money Issue

In a recent appearance at the Dan LeBatard Show, Masvidal has clapped back on Covington and revealed that their beef started because of Colby’s failure to pay their coach.

“He ripped off my coach, that was his coach. We were with him until his title fight.”

“After he won the title, he owed him a certain amount of money, didn’t pay him.”

“I said if you don’t pay him I’m going to f—k you up.”

“My coach got in between it, it doesn’t have to be like this, let it slide, since thing I ain’t talked to the dude.”

Looking back on the good times they spent, Masvidal was disappointed that Colby went too far to gain attention on social media.

“It’s been about a year and some change. It is what it is.”

“All these words they do have consequences because this guy used to sleep on my couch, used to eat off me cause I was the one with the sponsors.”

“He was just still relatively an amateur and I was helping this guy out. It hurts that he would do that in a way just for a like on Facebook, just for a retweet on Twitter, he’s doing that, to get you and me talking about him.”

No Longer Friends

‘Gamebred’ confirmed that his friendship with Covington had ended a long time ago as he had to cut any connections since the incident with their coach happened.

“We were [friends] until he ripped off my coach and since then I ain’t talked to him.”

“He’s mad because people don’t care to see him fight. They want to see him lose. That’s what they tune into.”

“He does this whole heel thing because he couldn’t get people to regularly watch his fights so then he said if I go over the top, create this persona, people will hate me, then people will tune in.”

“People do tune in but it’s not as much as he would want and you can tell by the way that he’s talking.”

“Bringing up chicks. Why do you kiss and tell? Were you not raised by gentlemen? Who cares if you are or not banging chicks. Who cares? What the hell?” Masvidal ended.

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/MMA Fighting and Instagram/Colby Covington)

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