Jon Jones Explains Why He Wants To Fight Brock Lesnar Next

    Jon Jones returns to action at the highly anticipated UFC 235 this evening. When faced with the question of a Daniel Cormier trilogy, “Bones” had a different idea for his next fight…

    Jon Jones, the most dominant light-heavyweight champion in UFC history, returns to the octagon for the 19th time tonight. Saturday, March 2, 2019 sees UFC 235 hit the Las Vegas, Nevada T-Mobile Arena.

    Much like most of Jones’ recent fights, plenty of debate has been had on picograms again detected in Jones’ system. Tests in early February saw Jones “pulsing” again, but thankfully he’s still cleared to fight.

    Jones can again cement his legacy as the great 205-pounder of all-time, but his opponent at UFC 235 is no slouch. Anthony Smith is coming off three straight wins, two of which were knockouts of former champions.

    Albeit the underdog, Smith could send Jones to heavyweight if he upsets the long-reigning, albeit on-and-off, light-heavyweight boss.

    Heavyweight Options

    Considering Daniel Cormier currently reigns as king of the 265-pounders, “Bones” could easily justify a move to heavyweight regardless of tonight’s result.

    Win or lose against “Lionheart,” Jones’ heavyweight options remain very open. Having already defeated Daniel Cormier by decision, and a knockout later overturned to no-contest, there’s already a viable rivalry.

    Recent interviews, however, would indicate Jones is no longer interested in fighting Cormier. Similarly, “DC” has possible fights with Stipe Miocic and others to consider at 265.

    In fact, Cormier himself actually gave props to Jones recently, via

    “Anthony Smith is a great guy but being a great guy doesn’t win you fights,” Cormier told MMAWeekly when discussing the upcoming title fight between Jones and Smith at UFC 235 on March 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    “I think he loses to Jones.” Cormier surmised.

    Jon Jones Explains Why He Wants To Fight Brock Lesnar Next
    How about that Lesnar Money? Image source UFC on Youtube

    Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar?

    According to the man himself, a fight with Brock Lesnar, rather than Cormier, would make sense next. “Bones” feels Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar has a good ring to it, and here’s why, via

    “I’d take Brock Lesnar because he brings a whole different audience and people have already seen me make DC cry twice already.

    “I’ve got nothing against this guy. Let him have his heavyweight dominance.

    The reason why I think it would cost more for me is that Daniel Cormier is considered by most people, by some people I should say, as the greatest of all-time.

    “And to fight the greatest of all-time when he’s weighing 30 pounds more than me, it’s dangerous no matter who you are. I want to make it worth my while because ultimately my health is on the line.”

    Featured image source: Jon Jones Instagram/UFC Youtube

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