Internet Genius Makes Music Video From Jon Jones Saying “Picogram”

Pictogram or picogram? Whatever, Jon Jones says the steroids detected in his body is only like a grain of salt cut into 48 million pieces. 

Despite the drama floating around Jones’ failed drug tests, he still managed to destroy 

Picogram or Pictogram

Before the light heavyweight king wore the belt again, he and his rival went through one of MMA fighters’ most toxic moments: fight week. Doing open workouts, presscons and weight cut all at once probably led Jones to lit up a reporter for questioning him about ‘pictogram.’

During one of the UFC 232 headliner’s pre-fight media conferences, Jones shamed sports journalist Izabelle Kostic of Swedish MMA outlet The female reporter questioned his recurring positive drug test and Bones responded in a manner with little respect.

“How come this is the third time we’re actually taking focus from the fighters and the fights and talking about what you have in your body? Whether it’s a picogram or a pictogram, why have you tested now positive?” Kostic asked.

The 31-year-old champ brushed the query off and said: “next question” with a smile. Kostic then directed a similar question to Dana White, comparing Jones’ suspension to the two-year sentences Frank Mir and Tom Lawlor suffered but the UFC boss couldn’t hear it clearly.

In a more disrespectful act, Jones urged the crowd to boo her, then told her to sit down. When Kostic said she’s already seated, the titleholder said the mic should be taken away from her, exclaiming “better journalism” multiple times.

Just Another Day in MMA 

Well, if this response is just another day in MMA, an edited video of Jones’ statement regarding the ‘pictogram’ of performance-enhancing drugs found in his body is just another meme for the online community.

Youtube user Maurice Spears apparently did a jam out of Jones’ statement explaining how much steroids is found in his body. According to the light heavyweight champ, such microscopic amount would not affect his performance.

Watch and sing along with the PICOGRAM remix below:

Talking to Gustafsson on a pre-fight press conference, Jones slammed his opponent for believing that his positive drug test would actually make him confident to win.

“It’s good that you actually believe that a microscopic pictogram somehow has allowed me to be more confident. I’m glad that you believe that. I’m glad that you believe that I beat you and I’ve become everything that I’ve done because of a microscopic pictogram. You believe that I beat you because of a microscopic pictogram. You believe that, huh?” 

Internet Genius Makes Music Video From Jon Jones Saying "Picogram"
Source: Twitter/UFC

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Jon Jones and Youtube/UFC

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