Jon Jones Sends Interesting Challenge To Daniel Cormier

The most controversial rivalry in the history of UFC always ends up to be Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier.

Jones is retracing his steps back to the Octagon since last appearing in July 2017 to rematch Alexander Gustafsson. However, “Bones'” deep-rooted clash against DC is starting to take a backseat once again as the light heavyweight rivals are on a verbal scrap anew.

Daddy’s Baby

The first-ranked light heavyweight contender beat now two-division champion Cormier twice, but the second fight was changed to a no-contest after Jones tested positive of performance-enhancing drugs.

Despite preparing to square off with Gustafsson in the main event of UFC 232 in Las Vegas for the vacant title, the prospect of a trilogy match between Jones and DC is budding. Taking it to Twitter, the returning fighter slammed DC for recently nagging at his anti-doping violation.

“Pinch of salt, no pinch of salt. You still had steroids in your system in a fist fight,” Cormier stated. “Not cool.”
Daddy’s baby still out there whining, What proud “double Champion” just vacates his belt because someone else returns to the sport?”

“Fight me one more time and prove you’re actually the champ champ. I’ll donate $100,000 to a charity in San Diego if you accept. Conor McGregor was an actual double Champ, the whole world knows your claim is a freaking joke. You’re more than welcome to be my first title defence.”

Daniel Cormier

The New Yorker was referring to Cormier’s comments made on the Jim Rome Podcast about having a “pinch of salt” worth of PED’s in Bones’ system. Jones doesn’t pay credit to Cormier’s capture of the light heavyweight belt which he won after the 31-year-old was stripped off it.

He’s now challenging the champ-champ to a title shot after presumably defeating Gustafsson. On a media teleconference on Friday to promote his UFC 232 headliner, Jones explained why he’s currently bringing up his long-lost rage against DC.

“The only reason I brought up the name of Daniel Cormier is that he brought up my name. And I just figured, when I was in trouble, I just stepped back, all summer long, and let everybody talk as much sh*t as they want, and just talk blindly, knowing no facts.”

“I watched everybody that I beat in the past say ‘ohh, he was on steroids when he fought me the first time, that’s why he beat me.’ I just sat back and let everybody have at it.”

Doesn’t Want To Fight

After testing positive of performance-enhancing drugs at the heat of his rivalry vs DC, he stayed silent at people discrediting his accomplishments in MMA. Now, the fighter who’s never had a legitimate defeat in his career is back to defend his throne.

“I stayed quiet for almost a whole year. And now I’m back, and I’m ready to reclaim my throne, and the sitting down and being quiet days are over. Daniel Cormier opened his mouth about me. He wants to sell to the people that steroids had something to do with my success.”

“He would love it if, that’s the dialogue he wants to get out there, that’s the narrative he wants to get out there, and I want to nip it in the bud.”

“I challenged Cormier to be my first title defence, and let’s see what he does. I don’t think he responded yet, and I think everybody knows he doesn’t want to fight me a third time.”

“I’m not out to get Daniel Cormier. I’m here protecting himself the guy’s out there making comments about me and I’m just responding.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Daniel Cormier and Instagram/Jon Jomes

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