Video: Jon Jones Refuses To Talk To Chael Sonnen After UFC 232

While facing various controversies ahead of his comeback, Jon Jones fancied turning a deaf ear at all his naysayers, literally doing so at Chael Sonnen during an ESPN interview following his UFC 232 win. 

Jones effortlessly made his way back on top of the light heavyweight tower after destroying Alexander Gustafsson to seize the vacant title at UFC 232 in California. During his interview with ESPN, ‘Bones’ frankly rejected a conversation with Bellator’s Chael Sonnen.

Jones Vs Chael

The 31-year-old fighter is coming back from more than a year of layoff to deal with his failed drug test cases. He’s tested positive of performance-enhancing drugs several times at the expense of his career, garnering a lot of critics who discredit his skills due to allegedly using steroids.

Former UFC fighter Sonnen, Jones’ long-lost Octagon rival is one of the naysayers. Chael has recently fired shots at the native of Rochester, saying his career is merely ‘one big side-effect.’

In a post-fight interview with ESPN on Ariel and the Bad Guy co-hosted by the Bellator fighter, the light heavyweight titleholder made it clear that he only wanted a conversation with Ariel Helwani and not his former rival.

Keep It Real

Despite the obvious awkwardness between Jones and Chael, the 31-year-old fighter responded to Helwani’s first question.

“I’m very happy with what happened tonight, it was a great fight. Alexander Gustafsson did a great job and my coach and staff did an even better job. I felt like he landed a very few punches on my face and I’m just so grateful.” 

However, Jones couldn’t help but be upright about not wanting to interact with the Chael before things get out of control.

“Ariel, I’m gonna keep it real bro, I just only want to talk to you right now.”

“Fair enough, Chael, I hope you respect that,” Helwani said, trying to avoid heating up the situation. Chael responded briefly with, “It’s his speech.”

Watch one of the most awkward encounters in the history of mixed martial arts below:

“I will continue to talk to Jon, I appreciate him joining us. I know there’s bad blood there so I will respect that request,” Helwani continued.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/ESPN

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