Fans Shred UFC Twitter Account After Jon Jones Post

Despite his impressive career and performance in the sport, Jon Jones has been criticised more than he was celebrated as a mixed martial artist due to his failed drug tests. 

 Twitter post asking who should come next on Bones’ rival list.


The 31-year-old’s doping case stemmed from a July 2017 sample collection where he saw his successful title defence against Daniel Cormier turn into a no-contest. USADA, the UFC’s anti-doping partner, tested him positive for Turinabol metabolites and suspended him accordingly.

After more than a year of layoff, Jones was able to secure a rematch against Gustafsson for the light heavyweight title vacated by champ-champ DC. However, authorities detected another abnormality on his drug test results, moving the fight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles at the last minute.

They reportedly found a trace amount of Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (DHCMT), or turinabol, in Jones’ system, the same substance that led him to the 15-month suspension. Despite this, the recently-hailed champion defended himself for the minimal amount found.

At the pre-fight press conference for UFC 232, Jones and Gustafsson led themselves in a heated argument on the PED-related controversy. Bones slammed the second-ranked light heavyweight for believing that the small amount of steroids would affect Jones’ performance.


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Sadly for Jones, he was bullied by a lot more Twitter users on his failed drug tests, commenting on UFC’s post asking who the light heavyweight king should fight next.

Check out the thread if you want to see more.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Jon Jones


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