Joe Rogan Is Definitely Hyped For Jorge Masvidal Vs Nate Diaz Welterweight Bout

If there is one person who is very excited about the welterweight clash between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz, it would be the UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan.

The Nevada-based promotion made noise last Saturday as it announced that Masvidal will be fighting Diaz this November in a battle between two fan favourites.

Masvidal has earned back-2-back knockouts including the 5-second finish of Ben Askren at UFC 239 which was the fastest knockout in UFC history.

The viral welterweight star has made it clear that he is aiming to receive a massive paycheck in his next outing to reflect the rare feat he achieved.

Meanwhile, his upcoming opponent, Nate Diaz, pulled off a triumphant return, beating Anthony Pettis by way of unanimous decision, following a three-year lay-off.

On this return, Rogan was happy that the Stockton slugger is finally getting the recognition he deserves, calling Diaz a legit ‘superstar.’

Now that the welterweight pair is slated to meet in the cage, Rogan couldn’t contain his excitement.

Worth The Money

During his UFC 242 Fight Companion podcast. Rogan said the Masvidal vs Diaz bout would be worth people’s money.

“I got so hyped, when I saw that on my Instagram I threw my arms up in the air like someone got knocked out,” Rogan stated, per MMA Mania.

“I was like ‘Yeeeeeaaaah!’ It’s worth money. I’ve said that I think Nate Diaz is one of the biggest superstars in the game, right up there with anybody.”

He also commented on Dana White’s remarks, dismissing Diaz’s superstar status as he might disappear again for another three years.

“I guess there was some negotiations or something because Dana White refuted it.”

“‘Well I don’t think Nate is in our long term plans and Nate fights once every three years.’ I’m like pffffft don’t say that! It was [White playing the game],”

“I’m sure. And also letting him know he’s got other plans, there’s other s**t they can do. I’m just excited.”

Knockout Artist

Though he is a massive fan of Diaz, Rogan sang praises for Masvidal, whom he believes is an underrated knockout artist.

“He’s so good and so clever, that’s one of the best things to say about Masvidal.”

“And the thing is, people don’t necessarily associate him with knockout power for some reason, but the guy knocked out Yves Edwards with a head kick.”

“Knocked out Darren Till, Donald Cerrone. He knocked out Ben Askren and put him in another dimension with a flying knee. World record fastest knockout.”

“It’s weird that people don’t associate Masvidal as a knockout artist. Because he doesn’t necessarily have the most power, but he’s so good and so calculating.”

Are you also hyped for the Masvidal vs Diaz clash? Who do you think will emerge as the winner at UFC 244?

For the original article, where Masvidal accepted Diaz’s challenge, visit: here

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/ Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz, and YouTube/Alex Brener)

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