Joe Rogan Shreds Greg Hardy For His ‘Terrible’ UFC Debut

Greg Hardy just concluded his UFC debut with a disqualification loss to Allen Crowder and colour commentator Joe Rogan thinks it’s nothing more than a ‘joke.’ 

Hardy is a former NFL pro bowler who hit the MMA road with an impressive first-round knockout of Austen Lane at Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. The UFC picked him up and set his debut at the co-main event of UFC Brooklyn last January 19.

Illegal Knee

After calling it a football career, the former American defensive set his professional MMA race in motion with three knockout wins. Each of them impressively lasted less than a minute to the opening round so he was able to make his way to a co-headlining match for his UFC debut.

Many mixed martial arts followers anticipated Hardy’s performance at the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 143 headlined by a champ vs champ match between Henry Cejudo and TJ Dillashaw. However, the 30-year-old played far from expectations.

Allen Crowder was Hardy’s underdog at his first-ever UFC fight under a card held in Brooklyn. The native of Tennesse recorded his first mixed martial arts loss via disqualification with an illegal knee to his grounded opponent.

Early in the match, Hardy came out swinging at his rival who was able to weather the storm. Midway to the opening round, the former NFL player slowed down, giving Crowder the chance to haul him to the ground and take control.

The UFC debutant came back a bit more composed at the second round and so did his opponent. Crowder put on his cocky self and taunted his rival shortly before Hardy grabbed his head and threw an illegal knee that knocked him on his back.


Almost a week after the debut, colour commentator Joe Rogan expressed dismay over Hardy’s UFC match. On his recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the MMA analyst said he wasn’t impressed with his performance nor the opportunity he was given.

“Terrible,” Rogan said of Hardy’s loss. “It was a joke. It was a joke.”

“I knew that guy was fading quick. … I was like, ‘He’s fading. I don’t like the way he’s stepping, he looks exhausted.’ He tired out quick, then he hit that dude with the illegal knee.”

Many argued that Hardy didn’t deserve to get a match so high up a card considering his minimal record and his tainted past. The disgraced ex-football player was convicted of domestic violence in 2014 where he allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend.

UFC President Dana White has been questioned for signing Hardy up in the promotion especially by women who are fans of the UFC and were victims of domestic abuse. Watch Rogan putting the 30-year-old under fire for his failed MMA debut in the footage below:

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Greg Hardy and Youtube/JRE Clips

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