WATCH: Joe Rogan Nearly Fell Off His Chair When Aaron Pico Got Knocked Out

    Bellator 214 featured a lot of stunning wins on Saturday night, and one is Henry Corrales’ first-round knockout of Aaron Pico. It was a powerful uppercut from the talented striker that floored Pico pronto, and Joe Rogan isn’t taking it lightly. 

    Corrales scored a dramatic opening round knockout victory over the rising blue-chip prospect at Bellator 214 live on Paramount and DAZN in California over the weekend. The 32-year-old veteran is performing better than ever, winning his fifth in a row against a rising MMA star.

    Corrales Vs Pico 

    Early in the game, Pico was pulling off nice as he landed a huge uppercut that knocked his rival down to the canvas. However, Corrales was able to catch up in time to defend a flurry of punches.

    The 22-year-old fighter settled down for a while before getting on it once more. He was able to strike a few jabs before a right-hand counter from his battle-scarred rival slumped him to the mat.

    The referee stopped the fight after ‘OK’ landed a few follow-up shots to secure the win. His come-from-behind victory over Pico is his fifth sweep in a row, one that will likely propel him into immediate title contention.

    And as much as all the fans are amazed at the featherweight winner’s performance, colour commentator Joe Rogan’s take on the knockout win is also all of us during the match. Corrales took Rogan off his seat after successfully aiming for the jaw.

    Colourful Rogan 

    Rogan was hosting a special Bellator edition of Fight Companion, a podcast he mostly does with a few of his fighting buddies from the UFC. Corrales making Pico swallow a huge uppercut that sent him down is subject to another of the MMA commentator’s priceless reactions.

    Rogan and his co-hosts that include Brendan Schaub did a review of Corrales’ stunning performance. As the 32-year-old was able to sneak a shot that stunned Pico on his feet, the American standup comedian and his pals went berserk.

    Uploading the clip on Instagram, Schaub wrote:

    “Last night was crazy. Despite the result of Pico’s fight, maybe don’t send hate or criticism towards him. Hating is easy. Remember, He’s a 22 yr old phenom and I’d bet my last dollar he will still be a world champion. Those same haters will be rocking his shirt and hanging off the tip of his dick when he has a belt so get on board now, even after a KO loss. #bellator”

    After three straight defeats, Corrales signed up with Bellator in 2017 and won five fights in a row. Moreover, the match is Aaron’s second loss under the promotion, a loss that will apparently slow his momentum following his debut upset in 2017.

    Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Bellator MMA and Instagram/Brendan Schaub

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