Israel Adesanya Says Jon Jones Needs To Get Back On Picograms To Be Great Again

Reigning UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones did not look like the invincible fighter he is at the UFC 239 main event, and Israel Adesanya has a suggestion for him to regain his monstrous form.

Jones put his light heavyweight belt on the line against Thiago Santos last weekend for his second title defence, following an easy win over Anthony Smith last March.

Billed as the heavy favourite, Jones was once again expected to put up a dominant showing against his Brazilian challenger.

Jones is arguably the most dangerous fighter in the sport, given his reach and technical skills.

So far, his professional MMA career wins are all by way of knockout/technical knockout or unanimous decision.

But last Saturday night, his cloak of invincibility was almost shattered by Santos as Jones’ dominance was hardly felt throughout the five-round match.

The split-decision result in favour of Jones even raised some eyebrows as fans believed Santos did enough to secure the win.

The New Dog In The Yard

Adesanya, who has been on a war of words with the pound-for-pound king, said Jones’ game had taken a step backwards,  grading Jones’ UFC 239 performance as “meh.”

The interim middleweight champion also said that the 205-pound kingpin is jealous of him because he is now the next big thing in the promotion.

“When you see someone fight live, they look faster or they look slower and homebody, that’s not it, he didn’t have it.”

“My first time ever seeing him in real life, that’s not it. He’s fighting a former welterweight and his [Jones] last fight was against a former middleweight and again, meh.”

“He keeps having the same excuses. Meh. Meh.”

“It’s nothing to write home about, Jon Jones, he’s been in this game a long time, he’s been in the UFC a long time, he’s getting old. I’m fresh, I’ve only been here [UFC] just over a year, I’m the new kid, the new dog in the yard.”

“I’m a sophomore, freshman, he’s a senior, and that why he’s a little bit jealous.”

Power of Picograms

With Jones’ MMA game slowing down, Adesanya suggested that he should use performance-enhancing substances again if he wants to regain his vintage form.

“I’ll tell you one thing, I saw him after he weighed in, he started to shake them cakes, that’s nothing.”

“He’s light in the a**. Look at him, he looks like a f***ing Dorito with chopsticks or toothpicks for legs, and he’s calling me skinny.”

“The last time someone called me skinny, when I crouched in front of them I said let’s go, I’ll show you skinny, and I used my f***ing toothpicks, my chopsticks to crack him in the head.”

“I saw him live. I’ve seen him [Jones], he doesn’t have it.”

“He was great when he was fighting and there wasn’t USADA around, but now, my man need to get back on the picograms if he wants to be great again.”

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/ESPN MMA and Twitter/UFC)

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