The 360-Pound Iranian Hulk That’s Fighting The World’s Scariest Man

Heavyweight fights are not a bizarre sight in mixed martial arts. However, a Polish MMA promotion took it to the next level; reportedly eyeing a match between two of the biggest humans on earth. 

Actor and professional bodybuilder Martyn Ford tagged as the “Scariest Man on the Planet” signed his first MMA contract with Europe’s largest promotion, Poland’s KSW. Considering his size, it would be a challenge finding him a match to kick off the debut.

However, recent rumours say that Ford’s first mixed martial arts bout will be against no one but the “Iranian Hulk,” Sajad Gharibi.

Iranian Hulk

The 27-year-old powerlifter who weighs 165kg at a height of 184cm has been dreaming of joining the world’s most prominent wrestling company, WWE. Though this target isn’t yet met, the ‘Iranian Hulk’ is potentially looking at the launchpad of his fighting fame on the Ford matchup.

Sajad rose to Internet stardom via social media and has 400 thousand Instagram followers at present, putting people in awe with his colossal size and unbelievable physique. Talking to Sputnik Iran, the fighter-wanna-be shared his bulk-up technique.

“Usually, I eat 4-5 times a day, but when I’m trying to bulk up I increase my meals to 7-8 times a day. I eat about the same things as every Iranian family does.”

“However, what distinguishes me from others is my genetics. My grandfather was also a big man and went to the zurkhaneh [a traditional sports arena).”


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Internet Sensation

Sajad might look huge and scary to some, but he’s actually the darling of the Internet for being warm and polite. The real estate employee who has formally trained in the military has also signed up to fight ISIS in Syria before.

“People on the street don’t remember my name, but they really love me and they call me the “Iranian giant”, the “Iranian Hercules” or “Hero.”

“The phrase “Iranian Hulk” has already become a world brand. I am somebody who smiles a lot and I’m very polite to everyone. People don’t have any reason to fear me — most of them want to take a picture with me.”


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If this rumour does come to pass, KSW is looking at a 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Martyn Ford and Instagram/Iranian Hulk

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