Learn How to Stop Farting: 101

Breaking wind, flatulence or farting is a natural, everyday occurrence. One should not think there is something wrong with the digestive system, but excessive farting can be avoided. Especially if you know what to do, and what not to do. So to get started, here are the top ways on how to stop farting.

  • Certain foods are likely to interact with intestinal bacteria. Gas (a kind of methane) will build up. Then the gas looks for an escape route. There are similar scientific processes in geysers and volcanoes. Here, sulfur builds up below the ground and escape through the crater. The gases flow through the lateral and central vents before blowing out through its crater or caldera. In the human body- well- you get the idea!
  • Many humans have a digestive condition called lactose intolerance. In this instance, lactose ferments in the gut and causes gases to build up. Lactose intolerant people will break wind more regularly than others.
  • Too much bacteria in the colon can cause farting. Bacteria breaks down the food. However having too much bacteria results in an overactive breakdown process. This in turn causes intestinal gas to build up faster.
  • Swallowing air is another reason for farting. This is often achieved when chewing gum or drinking fizzy drinks like lemonade or Champagne.
  • Smoking. Smokers also take in air when inhaling. Gas becomes trapped in the oesophagus and stomach. Too much build-up of gas results in a bloated intestine, which in turn leads to farting.

So, key to stopping yourself from farting is tackling these factors.

Learn How to Stop Farting: 101
Some farts definitely smell worse than others!

Some Farts Smell Worse Than Others

Often, when we fart, there is no odor. It is not uncommon to think there may be something temporarily wrong with our sense of smell. However, farts are made up of gases that have no odor. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen and methane are all odor free.

A fart that smells comes as a result of pungent gases like Hydrogen sulfide and other noxious compounds. When food breaks down in the intestines, gases are released from meats, eggs, and cheese and green leafy vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables, like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower also produce a lot of sulfur.

How To Stop Farting

It is not possible to stop farting altogether. But it can be reduced and controlled easily. Farting is a natural part of the body’s digestive system; that is never going to go away. If you follow these steps it can be controlled.

Avoiding Sugar

When sugar is consumed into the body, bacteria works extra hard to break it down. This means there is a greater release of gas while the food is digesting. Avoid fizzy, carbonated pop drinks and cut down on sorbitol. Also, cut down on the amount of sugar you sprinkle over breakfast cereals. Avoid confectionery and fructose to keep sugar levels low.

Reducing Carbonation

The odd soda now and again will not make you fart regularly, but it does place more air into the intestines. Beer, cider and lagers also have high amounts of carbonated gases in them. These beverages are full of glycaemic carbohydrates too. This all puts a great deal of pressure on the digestive system and flatulence is imminent. Cut down greatly on carbonation to reduce the farting levels. 

What about Starch?

This is a tricky one: starch causes the release of intestinal gases. Although starchy foods like rice are very easy for the body to digest and is considered one of the better starches for controlling flatulence. Wheat is a much harder starch to break down in the intestines.


Probiotics are supplements which are often taken before or after food. They contain living healthy bacteria needed by the body to digest food dynamically. Probiotics restore the natural balance of bacteria within the body. This helps us to greatly reduce gas, indigestion, dyspepsia and a feeling of being bloated.

The dietary supplement can also help to reduce water retention and excessive air in the gut and intestinal region.

Stop Chewing Gum

Chewing gum makes us naturally take in much more air into the body than it should have to deal with. This leads to us burping and farting much more. Considering most gum has high levels of sugar, it is well worth considering quitting it altogether and take back control of your body’s out of control flatulence!

Smoking and Farting

Smokers will breathe in toxins and a lot of air each time they inhale. Gas will become trapped in places that even food does not manage to affect – the oesophagus being one such part of the anatomy where gasses become trapped.

Learn How to Stop Farting: 101

How To Stop Farting: Anti-Bloating Remedies

Bloating is what happens in our stomach when there is too much trapped wind, gas and water. Trapped gas can also build up in the intestines, making the feeling of being bloated even more uncomfortable.

Women can suffer from bloating after the menstrual cycle has ended (PMS or PMT). Men often suffer bloated stomachs after drinking too much beer and eating fast foods. There are some positive methods that can really help in this area.

There are many natural remedies to reduce bloating. A bloated stomach is much more likely to produce wind and a sufferer will certainly fart at will, until the condition is addressed. Try these methods of bloating (which may also work for you as ways of how to stop farting!)

  • Try charcoal tablets from the local health store
  • Eat only when you are truly hungry and not when it happens to be “teatime”.
  • Do not eat and talk at the same time
  • Avoid fruit after a meal as this can cause bloating
  • Eat a small slice of ginger 30 minutes before a meal
  • Make use of spices that are good for combatting bloating: cumin, ginger, black pepper, cayenne pepper and turmeric.
  • Do not drink alcohol or cold drinks during a meal

How To Stop Farting and Improve Your Health 

Farting, particularly when the smell isn’t so nice, is a result of bad digestion. Improve this area of health and overall wellbeing will improve. The levels of farting will radically reduce and it will be noticeable how many of the farts you tend to emit actually become odorless!

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