How to Shrink Pores on the Face

Browsing through a glossy magazine often leads to feelings of wanting smoother skin. Remember, though… The skin we see in glossy mags is more often than not touched up digitally and enhanced. But if you look up ‘how to shrink pores on face’, you’ll quickly find that it’s possible- and even easy!

Aiming to get rid of skin pores is obviously an impossible task – the skin actually needs them! But there are ways to shrink pores, so that they appear, even from a short distance, to be much smaller or even invisible. Moreover, shrinking pores naturally – rather than cosmetically – is easily achievable.

Pores Are All Over the Body!

These tiny holes on the surface of the skin have a job to do. Pores on the face exist to release oil. The smaller pores over the rest of the body release sweat. Many of these smaller pores are on the face, in addition to the oil-releasing, slightly larger pores. There are areas around and on the nose where these oil-producing pores are more noticeable. The forehead is another area where there is a large concentration of this variety.

Large pores exist in greater or lesser numbers naturally because of your genetic make-up. Darker skin tones have larger pores than less pigmented skin. People with dry skin tend to produce the lowest amounts of oil through the facial pores- naturally!

What Factors Can Make the Pores Look Even Bigger

Trapped sebum can manifest around the pore and give it an appearance of being larger than normal. Dead skin cells, some so small as to be only visible under a microscope, also give our pores the appearance of being larger. The dead skin cells accumulate in great number and stretch the pore to make it appear larger. Exposure to the sun also gives pores a look as if they have expanded.

There is a tendency to pick or scratch pores which have become larger through these accumulations and sunburn. However, this act will exacerbate the larger appearance of the pores and should be avoided.

Keeping the Skin Clean to Shrink Pores

Applying makeup, moisturising creams and general day-to-day dirt can stretch them out. Makeup should be removed at night before bedtime and a cleanser should be added to keep skin looking fresh and healthy looking.


Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells. These cells block the pores and can accumulate at the head, which in turn stretches the pore out. This makes the pore appear larger. To help maintain this process in a natural way, exfoliation should be used with almond meal mixed with water. This makes a fine paste which will form the solution to be used on the face for exfoliation.

The exfoliation paste should be applied to the face. Application should be massaged in for around five minutes. It should be washed off with warm water and applied 3 times a week, rather than every day.

How to Shrink Pores on the Face

Clay Mask

Kaolin clay is an excellent natural solution to absorb excessive build-up of oil. A clay mask should be applied once or twice a week to rid the pores of dead skin cells and sebum accumulations.

Facial Steamer

Years ago, a steam room at the local spa would be the only way to open up pores on the face. The idea is to allow the pores to open up and let the dead skin cells or accumulation of sebum flush out. It was a practice used as far back as the Roman civilization. It should follow a splash down or rinse to completely remove all the dirt and oils that have clogged your pores.

A trip into town to visit a steam room is not necessary these days. A bowl of hot water or a facial steamer device are very useful for removing oil and dead skin cells. The steam has a double action. The vapour open up the pores and the water droplets wash them harmlessly away.

The water should be very hot and a towel must be wrapped around the back of the head. This allows all the steam to hit directly on the face. A facial steam should be practiced for around 15 minutes.

How to Shrink Pores on Face: Using Sun Tanning Lotion

Overexposure to the sun is bad for the pores. It makes the tiny openings loose and facial elasticity is compromised. This results in a wrinkly look and creases on the face. The sun ages the skin. A sunblock should be applied to all parts of the skin that are exposed to the ultra violet rays.

Even on an overcast day, the sun’s harmful rays can filter through and affect the skin. Sun screening lotions are measured by strength. Olive skinned people should use at least a Factor 20 lotion, whereas fair skinned types must apply at Factor 50 or more.

Applying sunblock can also help to prevent the onset of melanoma or other skin cancers.

How to Shrink Pores on Face: Use a Face Mask Made From Natural Yogurt

There are hundreds of products on the market that make claims to shrinking pores. However, there is also one product that can be purchased in the supermarket: natural yoghurt.

Using yogurt as a face mask helps the good bacteria thrive on the pores. Apply directly on the face for 10 minutes. Wash off using clean warm water. Using the white of an egg is also similarly effective. Use some lemon juice (to hinder the foul smell of the egg) and apply in much the same way.

How to Shrink Pores on the Face

How to Shrink Pores on Face: Apple Cider Vinegar Wash

Apple cider vinegar has many uses. It is a solution that can balance the pH levels on the skin. It also keeps bacteria in check and filters out impurities. You should dilute it with warm water and apply to the face using a cotton wool ball. Leave on for 10 minutes before washing off.

There are many natural methods of how to shrink pores on face. Considering we have the same skin throughout a lifetime, it seems only pertinent to invest in it, taking time and effort to shrink pores and keep the skin looking healthy and young.

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