How to Prevent Acne: Simple and Easy Ways for Beautiful Face

Ask any teenage what is his/hers biggest fear and you’ll get tons of different answers. Being dumped by a partner is on top of the list. Also in top 5 include getting extra weight, getting a low grade on an exam, and acne. There is no biggest problem for a teenager’s self-esteem than acne. Not only do acne harm our beauty face, they cause troubles far deeper.

How to Prevent Acne: Simple and Easy Ways for Beautiful Face

I know some people even don’t go out if they have acne. They are afraid that their friends might joke around with them. I would never do that, since I know that acne can be a challenge for teenagers, but also for adults. With that being said, I am always a fan of preventing things, not treating them. And to prevent acne, I have some tips and easy ways for you to try.

Keep your face clean

No matter if you have acne or not, keeping your face clean is your No.1 priority for acne prevention. That being said, you need to wash your face two times per day. Washing your face removes dead skin cells and excessive oil, which is key to acne prevention. Now, don’t go over your head and wash your face more than two times. It won’t do any good. In fact, washing your face more often might be harmful.

What you need to know for washing your face? First off, you need to use warm, not extremely hot water. Or in simple terms, lukewarm water and a mild cleanser for your face. Avoid using harsh soaps, especially since they can cause irritation to your already inflamed skin. You should use gently movements to wash your face, and avoid scrubbing with loofah, washcloth and similar products. But the most important aspect is rinsing, which you need to do thoroughly. Dry your face after you’ve washed it to prevent bacteria on your skin. Never ever dry out your face with a dirty towel, as you will help bacteria spread along your face.

Manage your hair products

You might think that what you put on your hair has nothing to do with your face. But you are wrong. All the hair products actually have a mild effect on your face health, some more than others. For example, gels, oils, fragrances, and similar hair products can get on your face, and then block your skin’s pores. And we haven’t even got to the fact that hair products can cause irritation on your face. What to watch for? First and foremost, avoid oily products for your hair, as they can transfer the oil to your face. Wash your hair regularly, and if you have long hair, make sure it stays away from your face.

Moisturize, moisturize and then more moisturize

Keeping your face clean is your No.1 priority, but one can argue that keeping your face moisturized is your 1B priority. Dry skin is breeding ground for acne, and you want to make life as hard as possible for acne. That is why you should look for moisturizing products that help with dry skin. Every product you use on your face should minimize skin peeling and dryness. Remember, a moisturizer for oily skin does harm when used on a dry skin. That is why you should always look for a product that is suitable for your skin type: dry, oily or combined.

Feeding and Nourishing of the Skin

Your body needs food for energy. And your skin needs food for energy and treatment. When it comes to skin, some of the healthiest food choices include: carrots, apricots, spinach, leafy greens, blueberries, beans, lentils, peas, tomatoes, nuts, fatty fish like salmon and other orange fruits and veggies. Now, I know many will tell you to avoid chocolate, as it might cause pimples, but that is just partly true. Dark chocolate, with high amount of cocoa actually helps for healthy skin. Foods you need to avoid are junk foods, greasy foods, processed sugars and dairy products.

Drink plenty of water

It seems like drinking water is the magic cure for all conditions, illnesses and diseases nowadays. But when it comes to acne prevention, it surely applies 100%. What I love to do for example is drink one glass of water in the morning, just when I wake up. I know it is a common practice, but you’ll be surprised how healthier and cleaner your face will look after just two weeks of this treatment.

Be careful with makeup

Makeup is one of the biggest enemies to your face. And it is double edged sword. Makeup does make you look more beautiful, and you cannot imagine a cocktail event without makeup. But what you absolutely must do is remove the makeup at the end of the day. I’d recommend avoiding foundation, blush or/and powder. However, when you must you must. One thing to note, try to find makeup that is without added chemicals, dyes and oil-free. When I am buying makeup, I look for products that are labeled as “noncomedogenic”, or in translation, products that do not cause acne.

Stay out of the sun

Sun exposure is great, as long as it is controlled. Exposing your skin to sun improves your vitamin D intake, and we know vitamin D is one vitamin you absolutely must have. However, you must be careful for how long and when you are exposing yourself to the sun. For example, even health experts recommend staying out of the sun between 11am and 5pm. Make sure to wear protective clothing, at least a light blouse when you are out, some pants and hat if possible. You should apply sunscreen, even if you are not at the beach. And make sure to apply that sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going out at the sun.


I mentioned at the beginning that you need to moisturize your skin to keep it healthy and acne free. But another treatment that is recommended for at least once a week is exfoliation. In other words, you need to gently wipe off the outer layer of your skin. This helps you get rid of dead skin cells and unclog pores. Remember, same as moisturizing, too much exfoliation can do more harm. Once a week is more than enough.

Wash your hands and keep them off the face

Most important thing is to wash your hands regularly. I know you cannot keep them off your face at all times, but try to keep your hands from your face as often as possible. Touching your face with your hands might spread bacteria, but also irritate your skin. I know many are tempted to pop pimples with their fingers, but that is the biggest mistake you can make. Usually, the result is infection and scarring in the long run. So, wash your hands, and use some cloth or paper when you pop/pick pimples. I must stress that I do not recommend popping, but hey.

Daily Exercise

Regular exercise is always a good option, not just for your skin, but for your overall body health as well. I must stress few things for working out. Make sure to wear clothes that do not irritate your skin. For example, clothing that rubs your skin often leads to irritation, and irritation leads to acne. And second, and more important, always wash your face and body right after exercise. Sweat causes irritation, and the longer you wait, the deeper it penetrates into your skin.

Never share tools with siblings

No matter if your siblings have acne or not, avoid sharing daily tools and things like towels, hair bands, make-up brushes and similar. And this applies to friends as well, not only siblings and relatives.

Wash your pillowcase

An underrated breeding ground for acne is your pillowcase. I recommend washing it at least once a week. When you are sleeping, oils from your skin transfer to the pillowcase, and they accumulate there. You want to wash it regularly so you clean all those oils that can cause acne.

Say No to alcohol and smoking

There is not a world in which alcohol and smoking is good for your health. Now, I’d say a glass of wine is acceptable, since there are studies showing red wine can help with circulation and heart health. But stay away from more alcohol, especially hard liquor. Smoking never helps, not even one bit.

Get enough sleep

At the end of the day, stress is one of your biggest enemies to clean and acne-free face. To reduce stress, you need to get enough sleep. Good night sleep eliminates craving for unhealthy foods, keeps you relaxed, calmed, and stress-free. So, how much sleep you need? At least seven hours, and no, you cannot divide those 7 hours to five hours in the night and two during the day. I’d recommend drinking a cup of tea before going to bed, as some teas improve the quality of your sleep.


Finally, as I just mentioned, you need to find a way to chill, relax, and get rid of stress. Stress is heavily linked with pimples, acne, their severity, their density and frequency of appearing. So, medicate, listen to music, exercise, sleep, read a book, and do everything else that helps you get rid of stress.

Home remedies

Some of the simple remedies to prevent acne include applying ice, applying honey and applying lemon on your face. A lemon and honey mask once a week is the perfect combination to prevent acne and keep your face nourished and healthy. Go for it.

If nothing else works, try OTC products

You can always get some over the counter products and treat your acne. Now, I must stress that I would never recommend using OTC products, since they do as much harm as good. However, sometimes you just have to use chemical products to get rid of a problem. If nothing else helps, and you have excessive acne, just go for it.

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