How to Organize Yoga Pants – Getting Rid of the Wardrobe Clutter

Most women have way too many yoga pants. And that is true for almost every other woman in America. When it comes to women’s clothing and closets, it is hard to keep them organized. And the truth is, every woman has its different type of clothing they cannot organize. Some have yoga pants, others have lingerie, and of course, there are the shoes. If yoga pants are your problem, how to organize yoga pants is probably your most searched item on Google.

How to Organize Yoga Pants – Getting Rid of the Wardrobe Clutter

There are two ways you can organize your yoga pants. First, and foremost, learn how to fold yoga pants so that they do not take up much space. And then, make sure to organize your yoga pants in a way that those that are worn out are left behind.

Best way to fold yoga pants

No matter how nicely and neatly organized you make it post-laundry, your pants and leggings will get upended the moment you start digging around looking for the favorite tights. The good news is that some closet organizers have come up with a foolproof solution for how to organize yoga pants. The key here is folding your pants and leggings.

How to Organize Yoga Pants – Getting Rid of the Wardrobe Clutter

They call the folding technique bifold, or fan folding. Once you master the technique, and it takes little time and practice, you can turn that jumble of spandex into something manageable. Here is how the process goes down.

  • – Start by getting a pair of leggings or yoga pants
  • – Fold them in half lengthwise, so that the legs are now on top of each other
  • – Roll your leggings up
  • – Do not stack them in the drawer, but arrange them in a line. This way, you can tell whether you are grabbing your favorite black leggings or the black run tights with mesh cut-outs

The best part about this folding technique is that once you pull your leggings out, you are not left with a leaning tower of leggings that is threatening to topple at any moment.

Do you have too many yoga pants?

The second part of how to organize yoga pants is all about self-control. Ask yourself, why do you continue to buy stretchy black leggings? The answer is simple, stress and pressure. If you want to keep things organized, and have more room in your drawers, it is time to think about getting rid of some of the leggings. Are you down for this idea? Yes, you do yoga, but there is no such thing as a magic number of yoga pants that is universally enough. It is important to understand why and when you have too many. Do you have many yoga pants because you want to do more yoga? Or you hate wearing work clothes? Or do you wear your leggings as a way to relax?

How to Organize Yoga Pants – Getting Rid of the Wardrobe Clutter

One thing you can get rid of is the worn out clothes. These clothes are creating clutter. Closet experts have come to a conclusion that we save our old, worn out, and holey clothes to wear around the house. But even when you are home and walking around the house, you deserve some nice, comfortable, and soft clothes on you. It is time to get rid of old and holey socks, worn out slippers, stained PJs, and worn out yoga pants.

Here is a great test that will help you determine whether your skinny leggings and yoga pants deserve to stay in your closet, or they have to go.

  • – Hold up something from your wardrobe that is too small
  • – Look yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself, how do you feel looking at this outfit
  • – If the answer is hopeful, happy, and excited, keep the piece
  • – But if the answer is guilty, lazy, ashamed, sad, or depressed, it is time to get rid of those leggings

Even the most organized women have to thin out their wardrobe on a regular basis. This might be the time for you to help organize your yoga pants by letting go some of the old stuff.

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