How to open a coconut, a step by step guide

Who would think that opening a coconut can be such a complicated task. Like, the other day, I went to the market, got a coconut, and when I came back home, I found myself puzzled how to open the coconut. For beginners, like I was, how to open a coconut is a daunting task. The reward I got was juicy delicious coconut meat, but I spent some time cracking it. And, after I opened it, I looked and searched for some tips and instructions. I’ve decided to share those tips with you, so you won’t have issues opening a coconut for the first time.

The Hammer Way

How to open a coconut, a step by step guide

This is the simplest and probably easiest way to open a coconut. You need a hammer and a coconut, and little effort to open a coconut.

  • Hold the coconut in one hand, and the hammer in the other hand
  • Use the hammer around the nut, with a purpose of making a circle around the top. Make sure to hammer gently, not strong
  • Make few circles, and at this point, the coconut should crack open under the circular line
  • Make one or two more circles, and the top will pop off
  • At this point you can open the coconut, drink the milk and eat the flesh

Poking a Coconut

How to open a coconut, a step by step guide

This is a simple one, and I will guide you step by step. Let’s start.

  • At the beginning, find a skewer, and then poke each one of the three eyes of the coconut. You need to find the soft eye, and then push the skewer through that hole in order to create a half an inch hole
  • Once you’ve made the hole, get a glass or anything, and drain the water from the coconut over the glass. Make sure to shake the fruit in order to release all water from the fruit. As a general rule of thumb, you should get little more than half a glass/cup
  • Place the coconut in a towel, hold it, and then firmly tap with a hammer. Turn the coconut until the shell cracks in half. You can alternatively use a meat mallet for the hammer
  • At this point, split the two coconut shells. Place them on flat surface side down, and tap each shell to loosen the flesh
  • Get a butter knife, and carefully remove the flesh from the shell
  • Get a peeler, and then peel the skin of the flesh of the coconut
  • Your coconut is ready for serving. Enjoy!

How to open coconut with hitting

How to open a coconut, a step by step guide

It might sound violent to hit a coconut, but don’t worry, you are being gentle here.

  • Start by locating the three holes of the coconut. You will notice that two of them resemble eyebrows. Place your middle and index finger over the eyebrows and hold the coconut firmly with one hand
  • While firmly holding the coconut, hit the chin on a hard surface, but make sure to hit the edge. Something like when you try to crack boiled eggs. You are looking for a thwack, not a tap
  • The coconut should crack by the hit, and at this point, you can open in half. Some people prefer to drain the coconut before hitting, some don’t. It is all up to you.

Plastic Bag Smash

How to open a coconut, a step by step guide

There are more than one ways for how to open a coconut, and as I said, I will share some of them with you. This one sounds really fun, and I think I might use it for the next time I get a coconut.

  • Starts by screwing the eyes, or the eyebrows as we mentioned previously using a corkscrew
  • Put the coconut over a bowl, and allow the juice from the fruit to drain out
  • Once the coconut is drained, put it in a plastic bag
  • Smash the bag on a concrete floor, and then hit it with a hammer
  • Once the coconut cracks, take it out of the bag and split it in pieces. Peel the skin, and enjoy your coconut flesh.

Freezing/Heating a coconut

How to open a coconut, a step by step guide

Now, coconuts can open when you loosen the shell by freezing or heating up. Let’s see how it works.

  • As in most cases, push a skewer through the soft eye of the coconut to drain the juice. Remember, you can drink this juice
  • Place the coconut in the freezer and let it stay there for 15 minutes
  • Alternatively, place the coconut in the oven, and set the temperature to 200 Fahrenheit and bake for 15 minutes
  • At this point, the shell is loosen from the flesh, and you can easily open
  • Hold the coconut in one hand, and a hammer in the other. Keep turning the fruit and tap it on the equator as you are turning
  • Once the coconut cracks open, you will get two equal halves. Enjoy your coconut!

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