How to Make your Boobs Bigger

Let me ask you something straightforward: Are you one of the many girls constantly asking how to make your boobs bigger? Well, if you are one of those, don’t worry, you are not alone. Statistics show that the average woman is never satisfied with the size of her boobs, and she wants to make them bigger. I will share with you several tips and ways for how to make your boobs bigger. Just a disclaimer, if you are still in adolescence, it is best to wait until puberty.

Workout and Exercise

How to Make your Boobs Bigger

One of the best ways to make your boobs bigger in a natural way is by exercising. Let me be frank with you, you cannot expect two cups larger size with exercise. But you’ll eventually get more firm, toned and better-shaped boobs by doing some chest and breast exercise.

The best exercise for building the pectoral muscle, which is located beneath your breasts is pushups. Working out your pectoral muscle stimulates breast development, making your boobs look perkier and bigger. So, pushups, and if you are not into pushups, yoga poses are the next best thing. You can easily find a number of yoga exercises for bigger breasts on YouTube.

Breast enhancement creams

How to Make your Boobs Bigger

There are many pills and creams that promise to help you with breast enhancement. Personally, I am not a fan of pills. But creams, on the other hand, are a safe and secure method. I know some people that have had success with using breast enhancement creams, and some that did not. So, it is not a 100% surefire thing. But it is better to try than not to try. What you need to remember is that the process requires patience and attention.

You need to massage your breasts with breast enhancement oils slowly, and upward. Make sure not to use an excessive amount of pressure, as you will do more harm than good. The whole process can be undone in another way, by using way too little breast enhancement cream. Ask a specialist or someone that has used creams before for tips on how to find the perfect balance.


How to Make your Boobs Bigger

Speaking of massages, another way to make your boobs bigger is by massaging the breast area with essential oils that stimulate breast development. On top of the list are tea tree oil and lavender oil. Massaging your breast area stimulates and increases secretion of prolactin and estrogen, two hormones that are crucial for breast development and increase of size.

Herbal supplements

How to Make your Boobs Bigger

There are people taking supplements for building muscle, so why not take some supplements for increasing your breast size. Herbal supplements are effective but slow. You cannot expect results overnight. The process is slow but steady, and if you are patient enough, you will get the results that you want. One herb that has proven to be highly effective is Pueraria Mirifica.

Stimulating female hormones

How to Make your Boobs Bigger

As I mentioned previously, estrogen and prolactin are two female hormones that play a large role in the size of your boobs. Breast enlargement is triggered by stimulation and secretion of certain hormones, and these two are on top of the list.

Estrogen, for example, is responsible for the growth and maintenance of all-female characteristics. If you’ve ever heard of man boobs, it is a condition in which males grow breasts because of increased estrogen secretion. To get bigger boobs, you need foods that are rich in “phytoestrogen”, including prunes, sesame seeds, beans, flax seeds, dried apricots, peas, soybeans, cereals, tofu, soymilk, and sprouts. Fenugreek is a herb that is also said to stimulate the production of this hormone.

Next on the list is prolactin, another hormone that helps with bigger boobs by supporting a development of mammary glands. In simple words, this hormone increases the fat build-up in your breast area. During puberty and pregnancy, women produce more of this hormone, which is one of the reasons why pregnant ladies have bigger boobs. You can stimulate this hormone by massaging your breast area with tea tree oil.

You also need protein, because breasts are actually muscles. So if you want bigger boobs, you need more muscle there. And we all know protein is the main muscle buildup food. You can source protein from lean meat, mushrooms, beans, lentils, dairy products, and some vegetables.

Last, but not least, we also have progesterone, a hormone that women produce once a month due to their menstrual cycle. You’ve probably noticed that your boobs are bigger while you are in your period. Sources for progesterone include egg yolks, cheese, chicken, walnuts, fortified cereals, milk and shellfish.

Drink your way to bigger boobs

How to Make your Boobs Bigger

You can get many of the vitamins you need for how to get bigger boobs by drinking. One drink that has proven to be effective is a mixture of papaya juice and milk. These two ingredients contain lots of nutrients that increase your breast size. As an alternative, you can eat fresh papaya.


How to Make your Boobs Bigger

One of the most convenient ways to make your boobs bigger is by wearing clothes that help with that. For starters, you can find tons of padded bras on the market. In fact, padded bras have become common and extremely popular. The reason is simple, they provide a quick fix for your problem. When it comes to clothing, you want to look for clothes with horizontal stripes in the chest area. A belt that will make your waist tighter also helps, as visually your boobs will look bigger. Last, but not least, work on your posture so you can stand erect.

If all else fails, surgery

How to Make your Boobs Bigger

I would never recommend surgery and breast implants, but if you are desperate to make your boobs bigger, and all else fails, surgery is the last resort. I know some opt for breast implants immediately, looking for that elusive quick fix same as padded bras. But surgery is always a last resort.

What to Avoid?

How to Make your Boobs Bigger

There are also several ways that you can make your boobs bigger, but I highly recommend you avoid those, as they are not safe.

The first one is fat injection. The process requires injecting refined fats into the layers of the breasts. This process ads volume to your boobs, but the process itself is unnatural. There will always be clinics claiming they can do the process without any fault, but I wouldn’t bet on it. More than half of women undergoing this type of procedure end up with side effects. In some cases, breasts start to shrink back to normal size after a while, as the oils used for the procedure are of low quality.

The second procedure I highly recommend you to avoid is using birth control pills to increase your breast size. Younger ladies have used this trick for a while now, as they deal with two problems with just one solution. These pills trigger the production of estrogen, prolactin and progestin into the bloodstream, and as a result, your boobs grow. But it is one thing to stimulate this process by consuming foods and completely different to stimulate the process by birth control pills. If you use birth control pills for a long period of time, you might end up with hormonal imbalance, and eventually, infertility.

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  1. Having a big booty has always been my gift from my mother. My breast though are tiny, and I am sick of not having curves in that department. Thank you for sharing that I can take vitamins that can help my boobs look bigger. I am also thinking of getting surgery to increase the size of my breasts. I just want to look good in my bikini.

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