How to make a bow? Three Ways to Decorate Your Gift

I have one simple answer to this question, get to the florist and let someone else do the job for you. Of course I am kidding, that’s the lazy way how to make a bow. That being said, I love doing my own bows for presents, and no matter the gift, the classic bow is still a timeless topper. Adding polish to gifts and packages, bows are essential part of any gift. Now, aside from the classic bow, there are others how to make a bow, and I’ll guide you through them.

Choosing the material

How to make a bow? Three Ways to Decorate Your Gift

Different materials come in different quality, and not every material is suitable for every gift. As a general rule of thumb, satin is the standard material used for making bows. However, the problem with satin is that the material is slippery, which can be a challenge for beginners.

I recommend using grosgrain for beginners, as it is easier to maneuver. Other materials include velvet, cotton, lurex, prints, and sheers. The basic rule is that if you can tie the ribbon into a knot, you can make a bow out of it.

The Classic Bow in Four Steps

How to make a bow? Three Ways to Decorate Your Gift

Starting with the classic and timeless bow, let’s see how it works.

  • Step one starts with folding the ribbon length back and forth. Be careful not to twist your ribbon, and then fold it in a way to form two loops at the top, and another loop in the bottom center
  • Once you’ve mastered the loops, cross the top right over the top left loop
  • For the next step, fold the left loop down behind the right, and then continue folding through the bottom loop
  • The last step is pulling the top loops taut, which in the end will form a knot in the center. Trim the tails to your preference and notch the ends.

Florist Bow

How to make a bow? Three Ways to Decorate Your Gift

If you follow my first answer to the question “how to make a bow” and go to the florist, this is what you’ll get. There is no magic involved, and I guarantee you can make this bow at home. Let me show you how.

  • Start by determining the length of the bow. Once you determine the length, twist the ribbon, but make sure to keep the right side facing you
  • Your ribbon is now twisted, and at this point you need to make a loop, and then give the ribbon a twist. With your thumb and index finger hold the twist, and then make a second loop that is the same size, but this one in opposite direction. Again, twist the loop towards you
  • Continue making loops until you get to a point you’ve achieved the desired fullness. At that point, wrap the narrow width of the ribbon and move toward the bow center. Finish with a knot at the back of the bow, tying the two tails together. Remember don’t trim the narrow tails
  • Only thing left is finishing touches, or arranging the loops by your preference to give the bow a shape. Use the narrow ribbon tails for attaching the bow to the gift.

Bow Around Gift Box

How to make a bow? Three Ways to Decorate Your Gift

Another classic and timeless bow is the ribbon bow around your gift box. Simple, elegant and classy, you can make it your own. Let’s go.

  • Start by measuring your gift box and your ribbon length. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need six lengths to the tie bow
  • Bring the two ends of the ribbon together to find the middle. Divide the ribbon in half, and place the middle at the center of the package. You can glue the middle, or you can hold it with your finger. In any case, you must make sure that the middle stays in the center through the process
  • The next step is folding the ribbon around the edges. Once you’ve folded, bring the ribbon together at the center, but at the back of your gift box. Twist and proceed to the next step
  • Bring the ribbon up, and then around the edges until the front of the box. Tie a knot under the first vertical ribbon
  • Take the loose ends of the ribbon, and tie them in a bow. Start by bringing one end in a loop, then pinch at the base, and then bring the second end around, under and through the loop
  • Adjust the loops as per your preferences. You can do this by tugging on the tails. That is it!

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