Meet the town of Acciaroli, where 1 in 10 residents are over 100 years old

    Most of us are familiar with the epic of Gilgamesh. He was trying to find a way to immortality, as the man just wanted to live forever. Eventually, he found out that “when the gods created man, they let death be his share”. However, the fame survives, and Gilgamesh has been translated into many languages and featured in a number of popular fiction works. Now, Gilgamesh might not have been able to live forever, but we can sure live longer. Today, we will talk about the secret to how to live longer: move to Acciaroli.

    What makes Acciaroli so special?

    Meet the town of Acciaroli, where 1 in 10 residents are over 100 years old

    Is it the fresh food? The sex? Or the rosemary? A research team from Rome’s Sapineza University spent six months in the city. The residents of the city are famed for living beyond 100 years. Statistics show that one in ten people in the city is 100 years old or more. The city has just 700 citizens, but they all live a long and fulfilled life.

    The city is located in south-west Italy, and it is no ordinary place. Scientists that went there were surprised, as they saw a number of old people chilling at the beach, most of them in top fit shape.

    After spending six months in the area, the scientists concluded that elderly people in Acciaroli have unusually good blood circulation for their age.

    According to the study, the levels of adrenomedullin in elderly people in the Italian city were close to what you find in people in their 20s and 30s. The research team analyzed blood samples from more than 80 residents. The result came with extra low levels of the hormone responsible for widening the blood vessels.  High levels of adrenomedullin cause blood vessels to contract, which results in circulatory problems and serious health conditions.

    The team didn’t find a clear cause of the phenomenon, how to live longer: move to Acciaroli, but they were sure it must be something about the diet and exercise.

    Residents in the small Italian city eat locally caught fish, chickens, and home-reared rabbits. They cook only with olive oil and consume a lot of home-grown fruit and vegetables. The study also noted the high consumption of the herb rosemary.

    The Healthy Life of Acciaroli

    Meet the town of Acciaroli, where 1 in 10 residents are over 100 years old

    When scientists tested citizens of Acciaroli, they found out a number of unusual things. For starters, they found out that people living in the region suffer from fewer diseases than those living in western countries.

    Citizens of the Italian city do not suffer from heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and other chronic diseases that we normally see in the US. They also do not suffer from cataracts, something that is almost mandatory for people over 80 in the US. In Acciaroli, not one resident had cataracts.

    And there is one important lifestyle factor that can also be contributed to prolonged life. And that is sexual activity. Among the elderly people in the city, sexual activity appeared to be rampant.

    It is worth noting that this is the area where the Mediterranean diet comes from. In 1950, nutritionist Ancel Keys set the basis of the diet, looking for evidence that it contributes to longevity. The US nutritionist moved to the region with his wife in 1950 and lived to be 100 years old.

    How to live longer: Move to Acciaroli

    There are a number of things that affect the healthy lifestyle in Acciaroli. Let’s break them down.

    Rosemary and Anchovies

    Meet the town of Acciaroli, where 1 in 10 residents are over 100 years old

    The two staple ingredients in the cuisine are rosemary and anchovies. The former is a spice herb, one that has been already linked to improved brain memory, improved brain function, and reduction in Alzheimer’s disease. Rosemary can increase the blood flow to the brain and head, and boost concentration in the process. Anchovies, on the other hand, are oily fishes that are extremely rich in antioxidants. In terms of healthy ageing and lifestyle, antioxidants help us reduce the symptoms of ageing, fight off free radicals, reduce inflammation, and much more. In Acciaroli, anchovies are part of almost every meal.

    Stress-free life

    Meet the town of Acciaroli, where 1 in 10 residents are over 100 years old

    Life in the little city is almost stress-free. Citizens live a very laid back life, as they do not sweat the small stuff. Instead, they choose to relax with coffee and wine throughout the day. They socialize with their neighbours. Stress is one of the biggest reasons for diseases and conditions that reduce the quality and longevity of life. And in North America, stress is a common daily challenge.

    Fresh air and activity

    Meet the town of Acciaroli, where 1 in 10 residents are over 100 years old

    When you have a beautiful sea and beach near, you just have to utilize it. Citizens in the small Italian city do not practice yoga or something. They simply walk by the beach and their hilly village on a daily basis. Doing that allows them to breathe the unpolluted and non-industrialized air.

    Quick tips for living longer

    Meet the town of Acciaroli, where 1 in 10 residents are over 100 years old

    Moving to Acciaroli is one of the ways to live longer. But all of us want to do that. Here are some tips that will help you improve the quality of your life and live longer.

    • – Get more sun, but do not expose yourself too much
    • – Get more protein from plant sources
    • – Eat nuts and seeds, as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids
    • – Spice your meals up, consume more spices like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, etc
    • – Quit smoking or at least reduce it to minimal
    • – Drink alcohol in moderation
    • – Pump up your pepper consumption
    • – Find ways to manage your stress on a daily basis
    • – Pump your iron consumption
    • – Get quality sleep between 6 and 8 hours
    • – Do not sit all day, find a way to move
    • – Keep your brain active
    • – Maintain friendships

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