How to Get Rid of Bloating: Home Remedies and Prevention Tips

Abdominal bloating is something everyone has experienced at least once in their lifetime. The main cause for bloating is buildup of intestinal gas, and the best way to relieve it is by encouraging bowel movement and passing gas. Bloating can cause other symptoms and side effects like pain, diarrhea, cramps, shortness of breath and sometimes even lower back pain. At this point, your stomach area is visibly swollen, and you wonder how you can get rid of the bloating.

Here are several natural ways to relieve pain and bloating.

1. Fennel Seeds

One of the best home remedies for bloating is fennel seeds, as their effectiveness in treating digestive problems is well studied and proven. Fennel seeds act as a diuretic and relieve pain at the same time. There are two ways to use fennel seeds to get rid of bloating. The simple way is to chew few seeds after a meal to encourage a healthy digestive system and bowel movement.

The second way is to mix a teaspoon of seeds and a cup of hot water. Cover the cup and let the seeds soak in it for five minutes. After that, strain the cup and drink the tea two times per day.

2. Peppermint

Thanks to the menthol in peppermint, both the leaves and peppermint tea can be effective remedies for bloating. In essence, peppermint provides a smoothing effect on the muscles in the digestive tract, effectively relieving spasms and encouraging healthy bowel movements.

If you have fresh peppermint leaves, chew them and you’ll relieve the bloating and pain. Alternatively, brew a peppermint tea and drink two cups per day. The second approach can be used both as prevention and as treatment for bloating.

3. Chamomile Tea

While we are in the tea section, we must also mention chamomile tea as a means to eliminate bloating. The herbal tea offers one of the best assets against spasms, soothing your stomach and treating inflammation in the same time.

Drink a cup of chamomile tea in between meals, and make sure to add some honey. You can also juice the mixture.

4. Ginger

One of the healthiest herbs on the market is ginger, an herb that can be used for almost any disease. An anti-inflammatory powerhouse, ginger can reduce both bloating and gas. To eliminate bloating, you need to brew a cup of ginger tea.

How to do that? Cut several slices of ginger and place them in a cup. Boil water, and then pour it over the ginger. Cover the cup, and let the ginger steep inside for 10 minutes. You can add freshly squeezed lemon juice to the drink, and consume it twice per day.

Of course, in the kitchen, you can always use ginger as a spice and addition to your meals, which will help with bloating on its own. Another option is to consume ginger before meals to prevent bloating from occurring.

5. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is one of the best fruits to prevent bloating. Consuming pumpkin on a regular basis will prevent bloating thanks to the high amount of vitamin A it contains, along with fiber and potassium. All of the ingredients in pumpkin promote healthy digestion. Pumpkin is a great fruit because of its versatility. While most people bake their pumpkin, you can also steam or broil it for a quick addition to your meal.

6. Yogurt

Any probiotics will do the trick, but yogurt is arguably the most effective. If you can, always opt for Greek yogurt. Probiotics help with your gut health and inflammation in the stomach, effectively preventing and treating bloating. It is recommended that you drink yogurt with your meals instead of water or juice.

7. Caraway Seeds

In the Middle Ages, caraway was used in England to treat digestive problems like gas and bloating. If you are having trouble with bloating regularly, make it a habit to grab some caraway crackers or seeds every morning until the problem is gone. And whenever you experience bloating, grab some caraway crackers or seeds.

8. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is the best medicine for stomach and digestive problems, and it doesn’t carry any side effects. Whenever you feel stomach pain, some activated charcoal can help to allow your intestines to work properly.

9. Lemon Water

This remedy is more prevention than treatment, but you can use it either way. If you want to use lemon water to prevent bloating, drink a glass of warm water with juice from half a lemon. If you want to use the remedy to eliminate bloating, drink the solution when you experience pain. You can expect relief after several minutes.

10. Lemon and Baking Soda

For an even more powerful remedy to get rid of bloating, mix lemon and baking soda. The two ingredients are good enough on their own, but combined, they are a potent asset in the battle against bloating. Squeeze one lemon into a glass, add a ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and enough water to fill the glass halfway. Mix the solution well so the baking soda dissolves into the lemon juice, and then drink it.

11. Anise Seeds

Anise seeds help with your digestive tract while also helping to flush out excess gas. For best results, brew some tea with anise seeds. Boil water, add some anise seeds, steep for five to ten minutes, strain, and then drink the solution.

12. Banana

When bloating is a side effect of constipation, bananas can help by promoting healthy bowel movement. Bananas are rich in fiber, a compound that reduces gas and bloating. Add in the fact that bananas are rich in potassium, and your bowel movements and fluid levels will be regulated to perfection.

13. Coriander

Coriander tea probably isn’t something you’ve tried, but the remedy is quite effective at treating bloating. You need some dried coriander leaves and a cup of boiling water. Add the coriander leaves to the water, steep for 5 minutes, strain, and drink.

14. Cinnamon

Another spice on the list to eliminate bloating, cinnamon prevents and treats inflammation in your gut, effectively removing the source of the problem. For the mixture, you need ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and one cup of milk. Mix the two ingredients, add a teaspoon of honey for better taste, and drink the solution.

Prevention Tips

In order to prevent bloating, there are few tips and tricks you can follow:

  • Cut back on sugar-free gums and other foods containing artificial sweeteners.
  • Never eat while moving. Sit down and eat your meal. When you eat while moving, you swallow a lot of gas.
  • Chew your food thoroughly with your mouth closed to prevent air from entering your body.
  • Raw vegetables are great, but more often than not, vegetables require cooking. Not many people can tolerate raw vegetables, one of the main causes for bloating. Cook or steam your veggies to prevent bloating.
  • Cut down on fatty foods like greasy fried foods.
  • As with many illnesses, conditions and diseases, try to reduce your daily stress as much as possible.
  • If you are constantly having problems with bloating and gas, avoid cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, asparagus, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Cruciferous veggies contain sugars that are hard to digest. If you want to benefit from the healthy nutrients, make sure to steam your cruciferous vegetables.
  • Water, water and more water. Water promotes healthy digestion. Make sure to drink at least a glass of water 30 to 60 minutes before a meal, and then another 30 minutes after the meal. Do not drink water with main meals.
  • Last, but not least, if you can let the air loose, do it. Do not hold it in for too long, as there will be more and more air buildup in your intestines. Letting it loose is not always an option, but if you can find a place to let the air out, do it.

How to Get Rid of Bloating: Home Remedies and Prevention Tips

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